Leyton Family<3 {4-Holly's Happy Hour} Couple moments that make me squee like a maniac! ♥♥♥ // Which makes tu most *squee-ey*? *part2* {**AMBER- Beware of lost spoilers!**}

Pick one:
Eating imaginary maní, cacahuete mantequilla & gelatina, jalea together ♥
Charlie & Claire remembering everything ♥
Shannon & Sayid remembering everything ♥
Sun & Jin reunite after Jin left on the raft!
"I never stopped looking for you!" "We will never be apart again."
Jin & Sun remembering everything ♥
Emma & Regina work together to save Storybrooke
Charming rescues Snow ♥
Snow & Charming find each other once the curse breaks
Snow & Charming relaxing in cama ♥
Wedding ceremony in the woods
Spencer & Toby first kiss ♥
kiss in front of Spencer's family ♥
"Don't let me go!"
Mickey & Ian being all domestic {before everything goes to hell!}
"Do you... Do tu still..." "I do. I do still amor you. I do..."
Jackson comes back to life as a werewolf!
Stiles saving Derek in the pool
Stiles & Derek and a bunch of fisting innuendo.
Staring at each others lips!
Everybody ships Sterek, even crazy Kanima controling psychopaths!
Stiles comforting Derek after Boyd's death
"We have to get tu the hell out of here!"
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