Leyton Family<3 Personality countdown #2 ; Holly: Round 12: REDONE} Pick the female among her parte superior, arriba 20 that she's LEAST like, personality wise!

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Emma cisne
Veronica Mars
Hanna Marin
Callie Torres
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Caroline Forbes
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elena gilbert
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daenerys targaryen
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Brooke Davis
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Kate Austen
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 XxXrachellXxX posted hace más de un año
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tvdlover picked Emma cisne:
So difficult.
posted hace más de un año.
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XxXrachellXxX picked Veronica Mars:
Round 19:
Round 18:
Round 17:
Round 16:
Round 15:
Round 14:
Round 13:
Round 12:
Round 11: Robin Scherbatsky
Round 10: Regina Mills/the Evil Queen
Round 9: Buffy Summers
Round 8: Haley James Scott
Round 7: Spencer Hastings
Round 6: Lily Aldrin
Round 5: Hermione Granger
Round 4: Lexie Grey
Round 3: Chloe Sullivan
Round 2: Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard
Round 1: Meredith Grey

Redone because I'm the biggest idiot in the world. But have some mercy on me. Among all my other problems, insomnia has apparently become another issue.

Anyway, thanks to Nic's investigations (:P) I realized that Hermione was already voted out in round 5. In round 11 or so, I accidentally took out Brooke and replaced her with Hermione. As Nic suggested, I fixed the situation by taking out Hermione and putting Robin as the round 11 character, because she had 67% of the votes in the original pick. I'll try not to screw it up again.
posted hace más de un año.
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Nicolas97 picked Emma cisne:
Hahaha it's not any of your fault Rach, you have so many picks in your mind!!
And thank you my audience, it was a pleasure playing Sherlock Holmes again <3 :P

Anyway, I've been voting Emma in the last 2-3 rounds! She's like her in some points but she's more of a Regina <33
posted hace más de un año.
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xoheartinohioxo picked Emma cisne:
Like i said on your wallpost, there's nothing for me to be upset about, you don't have to worry!! You do SO MUCH on this spot, you make so many fun picks, you're only human Rach... it's okay to make a mistake! Love you <3

And thank you Nic for being so awesome :D
posted hace más de un año.
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xoheartinohioxo picked Emma cisne:
Ooooh and now that my Brookie Cookie is back in play, that definitely changes my top 5 preferences!

1.) Elena
2.) Brooke
3.) Daenerys
4.) Caroline
5.) Calie

I honestly am very much a Brooke! It's one of the reasons i loved her so fiercely for the first 5-6 seasons!
posted hace más de un año.
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XxXrachellXxX picked Veronica Mars:
^ Thank you, guys. Thank you for understanding and from now on I'll try not to screw it up :) I shall probably start the alphabet countdown (sorry, Holly, I promise we won't do the male one for a long while) after I make some Jon/Robb fanarts........ Bye XD
btw good top 5, I'd probably say the same for you!
posted hace más de un año.
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