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Tumblr peeps please help!

So this may sound stupid but on Tumblr down the side tu can have enlaces to your posts about certain shows/couples/characters etc. but how do tu do it? (Like Amber's blog)

Thanks, I'm new to this sort of stuff so don't judge :)
 Albiee posted hace más de un año
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xoheartinohioxo said:
Click the 'Settings' button, then go to 'Customize'

On the side tu should see a box that says 'Description' - In that box is where tu can put all your links.

The code for enlaces is:

<a href=**"insert url here">*insert text here</a> [just remove the stars]

To put a line/lines [space] in between each link, use this:

<*br> [just remove the star]
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posted hace más de un año 
Albiee posted hace más de un año
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