Bonnie's POV

I walked quickly away from the dead man. I headed in the direction of a old hotel. "It's around here somewhere" I quitley said. I walked for 4 miles until i reached the hotel. Carefully and quitley I pushed the door open. "Hello? Is anyone there?" I dicho asking the darkness. I heard a soft moan, then a sob. It grew louder and louder. It sounded like it was a little girl. I turned on my flashlight and stepped in. "Hello?" I asked once agian. In the corner I could faintly see a figure crouching over and sobbing continuesly. I walked up to what appered to be a girl. I rested my hand on her back. "It's gonna be okay" I ressured her. She let out a low scratchy growl. Then as fast as lighting I was on the ground starring at something Imbossible.

Hey everyone! This is my story I'm working on and I thought everyone of tu L4D fans would enjoy it! Does this chap remind tu of anyone? My story is a zombie story and I'm bringing some charecters from L4D in! hope ya like to understand please read the prolauge and chap 1!!! :D