When I was playing my left 4 dead 1 game. I was over at my friends playing left 4 dead. he was playing resident evil 5 on his game and I was playing left 4 dead with his little brother. We were about to play campian. Then all sudden it showed 'Last Stand' it was impossible! 'last stand' is only in survival mode. Its never on campian mode whatsoever. I started it cause I wanted to investigate. tu spawn at the back of the frence por the light house. But the background, tu can go through it, but it looked like cardboard but the back of it theres nothing. I found some infected zombies. Well some of them. No special infected whatsoever. And I tried to go to the very back but there was nothing. I went back to the fence. Seeing if i can get over the fence but couldn't. But all sudden I started to climb it. Only infected can climb stuff like that! Survivors can't! Its wierd! It all happened a hora hace too. XD its a wierd glitch though. But I hope the games not haunted like the ben story from ' the legend of Zelda Mojaras Mask'. If I get my soul sucked in it it will be better then that cause I get to kill everything. but that's not the point. But its wierd! Me and my friend were thinking it may have been a hidden level of some kind. o a glitch. We don't know.