Rin was wondering aimlessly through the streets not caring if a hunter, smoker, o even a tank finds her. All of her friends are dead, killed in the last attack from the infected. She only survived por being thrown into the river por her friend just as a tank got up to the third floor. Why did she have to do that? Rin thought to herself as fresh tears streamed down her face. Hearing car tires up ahead Rin pulled off to an ally way. It was most likly a group of people just driving around to kill as many zombies as they can. If they found her they would most likely "save" her and take her with them, only she didn't want to be saved she wanted to die. The caravan drove past her ally after she could not hear there cars anymore she just sat down crying.

There is the fist part of it i need suggestions for a name. Hope tu all like it.