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posted by XryugafangirlX
Hai! Hai! as tu can see this is a KyouMado(KyoyaxMadoka) story.I don't own those 2 but of course tu all out there know that.I think the pairing is soo cute! .Don't worry I'm a GinMado fan too so tu can breathe now...xD.
Ahem! Enough of my bullshit..let's start this story...

Summary:Kyoya's out for a walk alone when he hears screams crying for help.But wait...he recognizes the voice.Could it be the bey-fixer?

Rated T for language.

Kyoya's Pov

Great just great! I lost to Hagane again.Again..I swear one día that piece of crap will get his culo kicked por me.I mean seriously..I was so close yet far...
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added by XryugafangirlX