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This kuroshitsuji foto contains animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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When I woke up the siguiente morning, I lay restlessly awake in my bed. I look at the time piece on my nightstand, and it read 6:30.

Two hours have passed and still no one has come to wake me. "Father would've woken me up por now.." I say aloud to myself as I get out of cama and open the curtains. Light poured through the window and it pained my eyes. I looked in the mirror one más time and my eyes had become red from the sunlight. Red eyes...

"That's it...!!" I shout as I oscilación the door to my room open and dash down the hall. I wasn't sure where I was going, o what urged me to do so but I ran. As...
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I Just Watched The Last Episode For The Fist Time And Now.... I'm Very Depressed.... So Depresed... I Am Literaly Crying On My Key Board As I Type This.... Good amor Was Waisted, All Of The Characters I've Grown Attached To... All Gone Before My Eyes ....Pluto....Drocell....Aberline....And Most Of All... Ciel, Who I Felt A Close Connection to....I Felt As Though, We Were....Sibblings...And...My Brother Had Just Died. I Won't Hold It Against Sebastian, Because My Ciel Died Without Any Regrets...And I'm Sure It Was The Way He Wanted To Die. Being Eaten Brutaly por A Demon Who Offered To Do It...
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1. Steal all of his clothes and replace them for dresses.
2. Invite the Viscount of Druitt over and tell him tu found his ‘sweet Robin’.
3. Kidnap Sebastian and take him far away.
4. Then tell Ciel Sebastian decided to quit.
5. Call him a brat.
6. Ask whether o not he’s in amor with Sebastian.
7. Whenever he says he isn’t wink seductively at him.
8. Give sugar to his servants and persuade them to actually do their job.
9. Ignore him and refuse to do everything he orders tu to do.
10. Start calling him ‘Lassie’ and throw dog treats at him.
11. Grab a bunch of stray gatos off the calle and...
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