as po slept tigeress was under the árbol of wisdom.
tigeress:I wish I could speek to master ogway.
ogway:when a child has grown up she is ready to lurn her past.
tigeress:lurn what of my past:my parents died portecting me thats all I can remember about my parents.
ogway:tigeress tu have much to lurn about your parents.come.
tigeress went into the portel of time.she saw a peaceful villege.
ogway:this is your place of were born to a king and qween.see that panda over on the left?
ogway:he's po the panda. you's 2 were betroghed from see on the día the rata things attcked tu were not the only 1 to servie but at the same time lose your family,your inicial and the town tu were born in.
tigeress:what I'm betrohed to po and he servived the attck but how? why?
ogway:you'll find out soon vary soon.