After Po defeated Shen, everyone from all over China were going to have a festival in Po's honor. And here were the rules:

- Po must find a girl to dance with
- All the kids must stay with they're parents
- Po will give a speech and whoever ruins it will be disqualified

So Po and Mr. Ping were getting ready for the festival, until Mr. Ping started talking. "Po, tonight.... I want tu to find a girlfriend." Mr. Ping said. Po almost fainted. "Dad! All because I have to find a girl to dance with, doesn't mean I have to start dating her!" Po said. Mr. Ping looked at him seriously. "Po, it's time that tu find a girlfriend that'll be perfect for you!" Po couldn't believe what his Father was saying to him. They were both quiet for a moment. "Dad, maybe there is someone I do want to dance with in the festival."