Okay these people are just my fan charaters for
kung fu panda

Moon: A pretty silver she-wolf with violeta purple
eyes and white paws. Her master is Tigeress. also
she is mostly Silent, calm, and clever when she is not fighting but she is fast, agile, and strong whenever she fights using what her master taught her. She has a hidden past and she also was also born with a flaw which she hides from the rest of the furious five. When she was not part of the furious five she tried to teach herself karate and she ended up teaching herself death blows which she rarely ever uses. She has
a nature to be loyal to whoever teaches her so she
shows unlimited loyalty to her master Tigeress. her theme song is haunted.

Flame: A black Husky with red naranja eyes and
a white tuft of pelaje, piel on his chest. His master is
Crane. He is Loud, Rowdy, and over playful when he
is not fighting but when he is fighting he is
strong, graceful, and deadly when he is in
conflict. He also has a hidden past and hides a
scar that his father has dado to him with his
sword out of anger. Flame has a playful nature and
he secertly loves hanging out with po and he also
hides the fact that he likes Moon and has a secert
shrine of her that he showed to Po and he too
shows unlimited loyalty to his master Crane. his
theme song is what i've done.