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Kristen Stewarts neutral eye

What’s great about this look too, is that the colores are ‘neutral’ so it can suit any eye color, 

metallic gray eyeshadow
matte light taupe/brown eyeshadow (a slight shimmer eyeshadow will do too)
highlighting eyeshadow (any color that is shimmery peach/white/champagne will do)
black shimmer eyeshadow
matte black pencil eyeliner
mascara/false individual lashes

1)Apply your metallic gray eyeshadow all over your lid. After applying it to your lid, take a smaller eyeshadow brush (or a Q-tip) and lightly draw your lower lash line with the eyeshadow. Take your finger...
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This is a lista of all of the Kristen Stewart related clubes that I thought tu may want to join.
They are clubes that include herself, cast members, characters etc.

[Names may be a little different to how written here.]
Here We Go :)

Kristen & Co-Stars/Friends etc.

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner
Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning
Kristen Stewart & Ashley Greene
Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed
Kristen Stewart & Michael Angarano

Kristen vs. ...

Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson
Kristen Stewart vs. Megan Fox
Kristen Stewart vs. Bella Swan

Kristen and...
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That’s the opinion of parte superior, arriba Model judge arrendajo, jay Manuel…

Kristen Stewart is going to have to find some más confidence from somewhere if she wants to be a contender in the fashion world, according to America’s siguiente parte superior, arriba Model judge arrendajo, jay Manual.

When discussing which young Hollywood stars are currently leading the fashion pack, Manuel picked out Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and British actress Carey Mulligan for special praise.

“Yeah Anna [Wintour] has picked Blake [Lively]. tu know everyone’s talking about Carey Mulligan. I amor her short hair, and I amor that she tries different things and...
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After yesterday’s announcement that Maggie Grace was joining THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, I was expecting más announcements like this one, in which a talented but little known actor o actress would be taking on a small role. In this case, 9 year-old Mackenzie Foy will be playing Renesmee in the final chapter. Foy has appeared in a few things, most notably TV’s ‘Flash Forward’ and ‘Til Death’. Again, I don’t know who Renesmee is, but what little I know says that they’ll have to get creative with how they use her in the film, either having her be ageless o some kind of...
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K-Stew reveals why she was so drawn to the titular character of ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ — we’re so excited to see her in action!

Kristen Stewart is a gifted actress, and she admits that her new role in Snow White And The Huntsman pushed her to the emotional brink!

Kristen, 21, admitted to Empire that this part was very unique for an action epic.

“Snow is someone who has a lineage of leadership in her blood, and she has been beaten down, along with her entire kingdom and her people,” she said. “I know it sounds really obvious, but it’s a story that should champion people who aren’t obsessed with vanity, someone who has a true heart. It’s a really simple story but it really knocks me out.”

Are tu so excited to see K-Stew in this epic movie, HollywoodLifers?
Ok Magazine pulled a fast one on everybody por putting Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the cover with the caption 'Just Married'. Don't worry, tu didn't miss out on Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's wedding, they didn't get married.

Ok Magazine misrepresented the story por choosing to say on their cover the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got married. The story was actually about their characters, Edward and Bella, getting married for the film Twilight Breaking Dawn and not Rob and Kristen themselves.

This was a very good ploy por Ok to get people to buy the magazine and click...
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It seems that Robert Pattinson Shows Loyalty For Kristen Stewart.Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a couple,I am sure now and it seems that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are unhappy when thei are separated.Robert Pattinson has been forced to mover away temporarily from Kristen Stewart to film Water for Elephants in Tennessee. However, sources close to the shooting say the actor is behaving very quiet away from his alleged girlfriend.I am happy that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are a couple again.

Several U.S. media confirmar that specialized in entertainment shows Pattinson unreceptive to other women at work and also in moments of rest in which the team is dedicated to distraction.Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are ment to be together.
posted by karpach_13
Personal Quotes
On working on the film Panic Room (2002) with such a big name estrella as Jodie Foster: "When I got "Panic Room", I'm like, 'Oh my God that's huge! It's bigger than huge'. I was kind of freaked out at first".

(about her amor for acting) I amor it because I amor to tell stories. I like being in cine that have a great story. I'm not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It's a job, tu know. When tu wake up at six in the morning every día for a week, it feels like hard work.

I don't want to make cine for kids, and I don't want to make cine for adults either.

Acting is such a...
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k, tu got the majority vote.
>meaning tu get the honour of being the first to be interview.
>1. What characteristic of Kristen do tu wish tu had más off? (Don't really know what tu mean here)
>I don't know really, I like everything about her. Well, I I don't hate hate anything with her at least. But I really like her hair, It's looks amazing all the time to me, even if it isn't brushed o anything. I also really like her face it's beautiful.

>2. What lead tu to be a fan of Kristen?
>I don't know really, I just really like her as an actress. I've...
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Kristen Stewart's on-screen rival for Robert Pattinson has been cast. MyAnna Buring will play Tanya, with whom Pattinson Edward Cullen shared a past. MyAnna Buring will registrarse the Twilight Saga cast as they film the two-part finale Breaking Dawn.
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Who will come in between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?
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MyAnna Buring will come between...
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It’s tough being Kristen Stewart. Her performance as the indecisive, lip-biting heroine, Bella Swan, in the Twilight films has seen the 20-year-old American actress emerge as a rather reluctant poster-girl for 21st-century teenage angst.
She has lived out much of her teens under the media spotlight: she had just turned 17 when she made the first Twilight film and, on its release, became an overnight sensation.

The franchise has gone on to make más than $1.75 billion (£1.1 billion) at the box office worldwide, attracting hordes of teenage fans and their equally smitten ‘Twilight moms’....
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Amy Adams was very popular recently with the young people in her life.

You see, she recently spent four days in New Orleans shooting On the Road with Twilight estrella Kristen Stewart…

"I got requests for autographs, and I didn't ask for a single one," Adams told me yesterday at Variety's Power of Women luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where she was honored for her work with the Bronx-based Ghetto Film School.


Adams may be a 36-year-old two-time Academy Award nominee and mother of one, but when it comes to teens, she said, "I guess I'm getting to the point in my life where I'm suspicious...
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It’s such a dead time when it comes to kstew news and we all amor to have some good laugh when it comes to robsten-related news

It’s “Dark Times for ‘Twilight’ Couple’” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, threatens an ominous headline in this week’s National Enquirer.


Even darker than the tense hours after Pattinson was allegedly almost killed por an elephant, as the same tabloid recently reported? This time, according to the Enquirer, his relationship with Stewart is “on the rocks,” because she “has become resentful of [Pattinson's] friendship with his much older...
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Actress Kristen Stewart isn't shy about wanting one of Angelina Jolie's former roles and says she's willing to fill her shoes at the drop of a hat if the opportunity becomes available. The coveted role, Kristen Stewart is referencing is Angelina Jolie's role in the action film Wanted. According to information coming down the pipeline, producers are casting for a sequel to the movie Wanted starring James Mcavoy as the lead, and Angelina Jolie has already turned down an offer to play longside James McAvoy as his action sidekick. In a reciente interview with MTV, Kristen Stewart clearly states that...
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Kristen Stewart embraces characters like magnets attract iron filings. Her newest incarnation is as legendary rocker Joan Jett in The Runaways. She spoke to Tony Earnshaw.

She writes music. She likes cine por Stanley Kubrick and John Cassavetes. She yearns for a past she’s never experienced. And she’s just 20 years old.

“She”, of course, is Kristen Stewart and, courtesy of the Twilight cine and heroine Bella Swan, she’s arguably the hottest female estrella on the planet.

It’s easy and too simplistic to cast Stewart as sullen, stand-offish and unsmiling. Perhaps the truth behind her...
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alk about a fashion statement: "I wore a T-shirt in kindergarten that said, 'Kick butt first. Ask names later,' " Kristen Stewart, who's notoriously wary of the paparazzi and the press, tells Britain's Telegraph newspaper. "I've always been overly indignant in my reactions to not being able to be myself."

That struggle to have some el espacio is tougher since she became famous, but it's always been a theme of Stewart's life – and it put her on a collision course with classmates at school when she started doing cine as a pre-teen.

"I didn't walk around talking about doing movies," says the Twilight...
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We all know her as Bella Swan, but Kristen worked for many years to get a role like this.

The comic book company Bluewater Productions. is going to mostrar us what Kristen was like pre-Twilight with their series of comics on her life titled Fame. They will feature different stars,but the first will be about Kristen Stewart.

Those who are in charge of turning the flesh and blood Kristen into a printed character are doing their best to mostrar the strength and hard work it took Kristen the last two years in order to carve out a place for herself in the world of cinema.

The comic on Kristen will come out this June. Coming up there will also be comics on Taylor rápido, swift and Lady Gaga among many others.
We're unsure if Kristen Stewart (of the Twilight saga) was born with that "I'm so over it" expression on her face. What is for certain is that her sulky pout suits this portrayal of Seventies poprock brat Joan Jett down to the ground.

The Runaways were part-manufactured por rock svengali Kim Fowley, who moulded the LA quintet into a libidinous all-girl teen outfit, trading as much on image as on garage-rock din.

Playing opposite Stewart is Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, the band's singer who eventually succumbed to LA's hedonism. They cut striking resemblances to Jett and Currie and even break...
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Film of the Week: Twilight estrella shows she can do gótico and gritty as Joan Jett música director Floria Sigismondi’s first feature The Runaways is an exuberant and entertaining look at the creation of the trailblazing 1970s all-girl rock band of the same name.

Despite being born long after The Runaways división, split up, the film should still appeal to one of its key audiences – teenage girls – not least because of the casting of the Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Stewart and Fanning play guitarist Joan Jett and lead singer Cherie Currie respectively. A scene in which the two young...
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KRISTEN Stewart says it would be “very frustrating” if she didn’t make it as an actress.

The 20-year-old — who shot to fame playing Bella in the Twilight cine — says she only knows how to act.

And she can’t even do that very well…

“I would have a lot of pent-up energy,” she said.“It would be very frustrating. I’m not good at anything else. I’m bad with my hands. I can’t make stuff.

“Acting is so self-indulgent and self-reflective and we just think about people and how they deal with one another. That’s probably what I’d continue to do!

“I’d be the over-analytical girl who writes.”