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louvreangel posted on Feb 20, 2012 at 04:47PM
Okay! So with my bestfriends Ivana, Sahar and Eleni, I decided to open a café here. I know, this may sound stupid but it's not! It's actually pretty fun because here, you can talk about anything you want to. You can talk about Klaroline, your friends, your family, your boyfriend/girlfriend and etc. as long as you want to. Because we are a huge family and this is the place where we all are going to be having a great time! I am the owner of the shop, I make the best "hot coke"s on earth :D Cakes are mostly from Ivana and the eaters are mostly Eleni and Sahar :D Does anybody want to be a waiter/waitress? That'd be so much help :D

*No money will be taken from family members <3*

You can swear, you can talk, you can do anything you want here except from trolling. Or I have a perfect gun to kill the trolls. You say something bad about Klaroline or us, you're dead dude. Don't say I didn't warn before ;)

So... Let's have some fun guys, c'mon! <3 :)

(P.S.: If you don't have a special name for yourself yet, go ahead and get it from the "Special Nicknames" forum! It makes you feel special <3 :*)


My Favourite Quotes (all of them are stalked by Sahar)

Sahar "My Klaroline family get me more than my own sister!"
Eleni "They should very well be jealous, us Klaroline fans have an unbreakable bond <3"
Ivana "We're together, always&forever"
Sahar "Ok so I realized my life would TOTALLY suck without you girls♥"
Basak "I luv my Klaroline family so much that nobody can break this bond between us ♥"

Meaningful things we said to each other...
Ivana "Also, I need to say this to you, having a thousand friends isn't a miracle. The miracle is to have a friend who will stand by you when thousands are against you. <333333"

I think this shows how amazing we are perfectly! ♥

Family Members

Basak: Mom
Ivana: The crying kid
Sahar: The naughty kid
Eleni: The quiet kid
Ivelina: The oldest kid
 Okay! So with my bestfriends Ivana, Sahar and Eleni, I decided to open a café here. I know, this may
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