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Roxas69 posted on Jan 10, 2014 at 10:47AM
This one is mine:
Kingdom hearts Bonds of birth,(sequel) Kingdom hearts Bonds by birth ,(sequel) Re:Bonds of birth.
1. Kingdom hearts Bonds of birth
Main Character:Xesion
Takes place mainly in The world tht nvr was.
2. Kingdom hearts Bonds by birth
Main Character: Seion (Say-on)
Takes place mainly in Traverse Town
3. Main Character :Xesion
Takes place mainly in The world tht nvr was

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hace más de un año rigo1315 said…
I want to hear more of this maybe a small piece :3

I'll go then: Kingdom Hearts 3: The war has come to Earth (sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2)

Xehanort is still alive. Sora and Riku both must prove themselves in the mark of mastery. Kairi is dealing with new friends and enemies on Destiny Island with the help of Namine.

Their adventure continues were Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 left off. They re-visit all worlds following the Disney sequels or making up a plot for the sake of visiting.

The many worlds were all created by children. Children from planet Earth. This war against Xehanort has now threatened our lives.

((It was just random. A fanfic really. Sadly the story won't flow as well as it did thanks to Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts 3 soon to be released. Oh well the in between stories of Disney characters and spirits of the season and Religious Gods and Goddess from different ancient civilizations is still my favorite ideas xp))
rigo1315 commented…
5 months have passed and I've figured out how it will flow better :3 hace más de un año