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TheAdventGhost posted on May 10, 2012 at 10:08AM
Alright, create your character with the following info






Keyblade name and type:

Somebody or Nobody:

Anything else you want us to know:


1. Have fun

2. No need to kill others

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hace más de un año Riku114 said…
*16 dragons with a weird symbol tattooed onto their forhead seemed to appear out of nowhere*

Dragon 1: So you are the one whos been possesing the Eternal Heart.

Dragon 2: We would like to have that if you dont mind.

Dragon 3: We would prefer to have it from where it originated from.

Dragon 4: Dont get us mixed up with those who work under Jizro and Estra, and their two children.

Dragon 5: We are accounted as "pest who dwell it the woods" as they say.

Dragon 6: Weve been trying to find the thief for centuries.

Dragon 7: And now, that several of our group died in search we finally found him.

Dragon 8: And dont try to deny it, you seem to know everything about it.

Dragon 9: Our world was robbed of it a while ago.

Dragon 10: The other dragons of upper class didnt care so much and ended the search party after 1 month.

Dragon 11: But we thought if we were to bring back the precious gem we would get our place back in the charts, much higher than we were before.

Dragon 12: Even if that means being put at the same place as the animals for so many years.

Dragon 13: And dont believe this is all left, we travel in many groups in search.

Dragon 14: So are you going to give back our gem?

Dragon 15: Or must we force you to return it?

Dragon 16: Your choice.

*The 16 Dragons surronding the 4 staring for a responce*

*The land of legends*

Jizro: *goes downstairs where Reigh is and Drana is all chained up* The Ringerns have been reacting to a group of kids, you are to come and help clear them out, normally, we could just send Drana out and a few subordinates to clear them out easily, but Drana isnt capable of going currently and the her subordinates dont listen to us, so its me and you going.

Reigh: *face turned to a worried face* Dont tell me it is Neo and the others?!

Jizro: It is.

Reigh: How many?

Jizro: A size of 16, larger than the normal sizes as well.

Reigh: *Looks at Drana all chained up* Ill make sure they dont get hurt.

*The two leave off*
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Reigh and Jizro come out.

Trixin: We are coming too.

Reigh: Are you sure?

Slenxo: Yes.

Reigh: Then follow.

*the 4 leave through the portal*

*The basement*

Drana: *spark flows through Drana/Xandra’s mind* *Looks around at herself all chained up*(Thinking: Why am I all chained up?) *squirms around in the chains to try and free herself* (Thinking: They wont break hu- *mental face palm and transforms back into human form* Of course) *walks to her room and goes through her closest and finds her old Organization robe and puts it on, then opens the white portal and walks through the portal*
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: What? YOUR Eternal Heart? Please, you've got to be kidding.
Sovalos: Why should we let you have it?
Neo: Sovalos, I think it's time we call a truce on our fight for now.
Sovalos: For once, I'm gonna have to agree with you.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 6: Some idiot stole it from us in the early 1700s'

Dragon 9: And no one is going to interfer with us getting it back

Dragon 7: So you se wi-

Jizro: *comes out of the portal* O bug off!

Dragon 1: We want the gem back, we could careless if YOU said we needed it or not. It once powered everything.

Jizro: But we dont need to rely on it.

Dragon 1: O shut up, if you dont wish to take it and give us high ranking once we get it, we will just create our own legacy with it.

Trixin and Slenxo: ...... (thinking: Im lost)

Reigh: *listening and watching*

Jizro: Well if thats so, then youve become a threat to our world.

Dragon 1: Exactly.

Reigh: *face palm* But you dont have the powers currently.

Dragon 1: But we do have numbers.

Jizro: I hate to have to fight other dragons, but what choice do I have. *Goes into dragon form and looks at Neo* Mind not if we aid you? If you didnt hear, these guys are persistant, theyve ben searching for more than 300 years, and in those years we had to keep on clearing them out on every sighting.

Reigh: *Looks up at the sky* I hope Drana is alright. *transforms into a dragon and looks back at the enemy*
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
Izzy held out her hand, summoning her favored Keyblade. "This is gonna get ugly."
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: I don't mind, *summons his blade*
Sovalos: These dragons are getting in the way of MY objective, *summons his blade*
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 1: *looks away from the two faces who seem familiar then at Izzy chuckling* How cute.

Dragon 2-16: *lauging*

Reigh: We had Drana deal with these annoying guys. They seem like just plain old regular dragons.

Jizro: Although, we dont have much data on these guys' abilities, not saying they will be much work. *shoots a small dark fire ball to get the attention and lashes his tail out at Dragon 1*

Dragon 1: Hu? *lashes tail too*

Reigh: Dad. *rolls eyes and then lashes tail at Dragon 2*

Dragon 2: *collides tails*

Dragon 3-16: *sitting keeping an eye on Neo Nea Izzy Trixin and Slenxo*

Trixin: *looks at Slenxo and summonds keyblade* Lets join.

Slenxo: *Summons keyblade too, nodds, and they charge at Dragon 3*
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"Fire won't work against dragons, so blizzard!" Izzy blasted a sheet of ice at her target.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 4: *stands up* Seriously, ice is worse. *Releases a flame melting the Ice* We are more like the fairy tale dragons.
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Try this! Air! *casts a tornado*
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 7: Counter *<--sang*

Dragon 4-12 flap their wings pushing the tornado back at Neo
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"This is insane," Izzy growled, tossing out the magic and going on a physical attack.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 4: Insane?

Dragon 5: Or crazy that you two are tring to go against 8 dragons alone.

Dragon 6: Being you are mortals.

Dragon 7: We prefer to relax while the higher ranks fights. *Breathes out fire making a circle of fire around Neo and Izzy* Better eh?

Dragon 8: Yeah.

Jizro: *distances self* Wow Im rusty.

Dragon 1: Or you just suck.

Jizro: Shut up, I havent had an actual fight in a while.
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hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Hmph, *stabs the sword into the ground, extinguishing the flame around*
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 4: Well dont you seems so full of your self being able to extingu- *gets kicked in the face by a girl in organization robe*

Girl: Neo, Izzy, Trixin, Slenxo, *looks over at Jizro and Reigh* Dad, Bro, *Looks at the 16 dragons* Annoying pests.

Trixin: Is she-

Xandra: Drana? Yes, yet to prefer Xandra, it has a better ring to it. *Summons the mist keyblade and the white keyblade and looks at Neo Izzy Trixin Reigh Slenxo and Jizro* Go for their undersides, their scales are weak and soft there, it would hurt the most. *looks at the dragons* I hope you still remember me from over the 10 years? *counts the amount of the dragons* After we are done with you 16 that would make a total of 115 slayed. *Looks back at Neo* Follow my lead, Ive killed plenty of these guys, and I already know that the total we have here is already stronger then my subordinates, so this shouldnt take so long.

Dragon 10: Cocky little brat.
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Alright then, let's go.
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"Whatever you say!"
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
(Kay, it's been 5 days. I'm just gonna go ahead and move along now...)

"I. Hate. Dragons!!" Izzy leaned against a cracked stone wall, panting, looking at the carnage around them. She focused her searching, trying to find Neo somewhere among the fallen beasts.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
(*sweatdrop* Sorry about that, I got caught up in my other rps.....)

Xandra: *eye twitches* You. Guys. Are. Annoying.

Dragon 4: Why fight with foolish keyblades, they are so punny and in that form you are so punny. *lashes tail at Drana*

Xanda: *makes an X with the two keyblades blocking the tail* O so you want me to stop with the keyblades? I just though that I should regain some of my experience against some ants, but if you insist. *Goes into Dragon Form and looks back at Izzy* I hope that didnt include me. *Strikes at the 4th Dragons neck's soft underside piercing it with her mouth and then spits him out dying on the floor* You guys taste terrible.

Reigh: Did you just bite him?

Xandra: I do it to the things I hate the most. The fun of fighting these guys arent so high anymore either after how many times I fought them.

Dragon 6: *Looks at Izzy* Dont look away. *Strikes tail*

(Fallen: 1 2 3 4 5 7 11 12 13 14)
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hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
(Sorry, I had no power in my house)
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
(Ouch, that's no fun)
Izzy brought her Keyblade up without missing a beat, striking fast and drawing the dragon's blood.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 6: *a quick roar of pain* Dont let that get the best of you. *Breathes fire out at her*

Dragon 8: *looks at xandra and then launchs tail*

Xandra: *looks to her side as the tail comes to her* Too Slow! *Bites deeply onto the tail then slams into a wall from his tail*

Dragon 8: *looking dead, but only unconsious*

Xandra: *sees his still breathing* Still alive? You have better endurance than I thought. *walks to the dragon and pierces his throat with her sharp feet*

Reigh: Xandra is seriously having no mercy. *watching*

Trixin: I know.....
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"Blizzard!" A shield of ice surrounded Izzy, countering the flames. "Enough of this!"
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Slenxo: *watching and looks at Drana then at Izzy* Girls can be scary when mad and or fighting.

Trixin: Yeah. *looks left then right* I wonder where neo and solvaso or whatever his name was it.

Dragon 6: You think you can tell me what to do?!

Xandra: *bites Dragon 6's tail, tears it off, then spits it out* You make too much noise.

Dragon 6: *Roars in pain and falls uncoinscious*

Xandra: *Returns to human form* That guy was too cocky and he began to annoy me. *looks at Izzy with a smile removing the hood, hair once again as white as snow* Nice seeing you again. Ill leave the killing blow to you. *Summons Keyblades at Dragon 9*

Dragon 9: My turn? *Swings tail*

Xandra: *dives under the tail to the underside of the dragon* Turn to die. *stabs right at the soft scales protecting heart*

Dragon 9: *falls*
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"Thanks." Izzy jumped forward, striking at the heart.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
(Cleared out: 1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14)

Jizro: *Finishes killing Dragon 10 and walks near the wall Reigh Trixin and Slenxo are* Geez, I wonder how girls can kill these guys so fast.

Trixin: Me too.

Reigh: Well, I expected this from Xandra, being she has experience against these guys, but Izzy too makes me think that it might just be girls that are angry.


Reigh: Sit there and talk away.

Xandra: FINE! *Turns away* Blizzard! *Frosts over Dragon 15's wings*

Trixin: I see you two are used to each other.

Reigh: Siblings.
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"Useless boys," Izzy spat, on edge.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Xandra: Agreed. *Slays Dragon 15 and then looks at Dragon 16, the weakest of the 16 dragons and the only one left and then looks at Izzy* Want to tag team and slay this one together?
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 16: *looks at the two girls and all the dragons they slayed singal handedly* Crap.

Xandra: Great, the heart or the neck?
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Sovalos: You 2 seem like you got this under control...
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
"Heart." Izzy had summoned her rarely used second Keyblade for this battle, springing forward once more.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Xandra: Alright then. *springs forward*

Dragon 16: Crap!
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
Izzy moved swiftly, plunging the blade into the dragon's chest.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Dragon 16: *falls*

Xandra: *thinking: Im pretty sure he is dead, but just to make sure* *Goes into dragon form and stops on his neck for about a minute* There, all sixteen slayed. *Looks at the boys* With little help from you guys.
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: *sinks himself to the ground* I'm useless aren't I. Now I'll never be able to protect her, as a useless person
Sovalos: *thinking: What in the world is wrong with him now?*
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hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Xandra: *transforms back* Na, look back at what you have done over the past. Youve done plenty already, infact, you didnt only help Izzy, but many others, including me. There I must thank you. *Looks at Slenxo and Trixin* My nobody friends, thank you for helping me as a nobody. *Looks at Reigh and Jizro* But you two should of easily tore through those dragons! Lazy!

Reigh: *sweatdrop*

Jizro: *sweatdrop*
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
Taking deep breaths, it took Izzy a while to calm herself. Then she looked around, her gaze finally finding Neo. Keyblades vanishing, she raced over, throwing her arms around his neck.,"That was awesome!"
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: Huh? But wait, I barely helped out,
Sovalos: *sigh* Looks like I'll let you hold on to that jewel for now, later Neo, *vanishes*
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Xandra: Look, you may of havent helped out in this fight, but every thing, it totals up you are a great help, this isnt like the big test that is worth 80% of the level you helped you know.
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Nea: Yeah, and even so, nothing can stop you from being a great friend, and a great brother.
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Xandra: Must we begin with examples?
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: ...
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
Smiling, Izzy kissed Neo for a moment before pulling away. "Yeah."
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
2345 post!

Xandra: You are very well appreciated
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Neo: *faced blushed for a minute*
Nea: Well, look at you,
Neo: ...
Nea: Never thought I'd see this side of you,
Neo: I...
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
Izzy blushed herself. "I, ah, we should go somewhere where there aren't dead dragons."
hace más de un año Riku114 said…
Xandra: Youve got a point there. It is getting kinda weird, what do you guys say?

Trixin: Agreed.

Slenxo: Same here.

Reigh: I guess so.

Jizro: Well, I got to get back, I dont have time to simply hang out. *Goes into dragon form opens a portal and flies away*
hace más de un año Shadowsign said…
Hesitantly, Izzy offered her hand to Neo.
hace más de un año TheAdventGhost said…
Nea: Yeah, I say it's time we get out of here,
Neo: *He took Izzy's hand, without hesitance* This is the side of you, I never used to see before.