kingdom hearts Kingdom hearts: The new kingdoms.

dargox posted on Apr 29, 2012 at 07:20AM
Ok in this rp, all the old worlds have been fused into one big world with islands made out of the old worlds, thanks to master yin zen and some other powerful wizards but yet with a birth of new world comes the birth some old and new evil as well as some good but the questions is, will you be able to shine out and overcome the darkness or will it swallow you up?

Bad groups:

Heartless= the begins without hearts.

Nobodies= the emty shells of those who turn into heartless.

Soulless= a unique type of being which only their souls were able to be stolen by heartless and their goal is to use kingdom hearts to regain new souls.

Character info:
Eyes color:
Hair color:
Body type:
Key chans: (if you have a keyblade in your weapons)
Good or bad:
Home island: (can make one up)
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hace más de un año dargox said…
(here's my)

Name: Takumi
Age: 16
D.o.b: 11/19
Race: human
Gender: boy
Eye color: blue
Hair color: light brown (btw, it's spikey like sora but shorter)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 103lb
Body type: fit with some muscles

Personality: brave, kind, loyal, smart, outgoing, abit of a joker, and always stands up for what's right.

Clothes: black boots, pants that looks like KH2 sora shorts, a black t-shirt, a pure white hoodie, and black gloves also just like KH2 sora.

Weapons: double keyblades
Key chains: darkside kingdom chain, lion's heart chain (lion king key), ultimate chain, and gunblade chain (gunblade key)

Skills: building gummi ships, fighting, tracking, and navigation.
powers: magic, darkness
Abilities: hv2 jump, dodge roll, slash dash, block boost.
Good or bad: GOOD DUH!!
Home island: Faith islands

Bio: takumi was born on a group of islands called "faith islands" which was quickly over taken by the heartless which he was the only one to survive....thanks to his darkside keyblade and to king mickey which his whereabouts still unknown, so now takumi roams around in his gummi ship fighting evil no matter where it takes him.
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Name: Serena Hikari Shii Stone
Age: 15
D.o.b: July 14th
Race: human
Gender: Female
Eyes color: Red
Hair color: white
Height: 5'5
Weight: 20lb (she barely eats)
Body type: is skinny and looks weak but you dont know her inner strangth and mucles
Personality: she's the Shy type so she doesnt like too talk much and she cant really come up to people to say hi but she is kind and is very loyal to her friends also even if she acts like this she is very confident even in battle she can be full of surprises when you get to know her
Clothes: a Black hoodie but the hoodie has no sleeves and she also wears a red top under and she wears white shorts along with black sneakers with red on the bottem and it has white laces
Weapons: most of her weapons are rare
Key chains: she doesnt have any
Skills: fighting, sneaking, hiding, tricking, speed
Powers: magic, ice
Abilities: jump, make a shield appear, blast ice balls, make an earthquake appear with the poke of the ground, etc
Good or bad: good
Home island: Ice Island
Bio: Serena lives on the coldest island around and soon it was taken over by the heartless as well but she managed to survive but soon after so many days of being alone she soon made her self frozen not wanting to be around since she could not travel around anywhere so years went by the ice started to get more and more bigger as it then made her body only a blur in the ice and she was soon cursed in it the only way to get her out was to use a special type of keyblade that would unlock the curse and free Serena making her live once more that keyblade is the fire keyblade which has a keychain with it its the heart of flames (if you dont mind me making up that Dargox) the heart of flames will melt anything that has been either frozen or someone is very cold in there personality and she can also survive even without the ice
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hace más de un año dargox said…
(don't worry hikari it's fine by me)

Takumi: in his ship he comes up to a island cover in snow, ice, and darkness. " gps saids this is where the s.o.s came from, ice islands but it looks like the heartless have calmed this place! Oh well it's keyblade time!!" He leap out his ship, zipping up his hoodie before landing on the icey ground then he summons his gunblade key to his right hand.
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hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Serena: *in this huge ice block as some of the heartless were guarding it*
Heartless Creature: ugh why do we haft to protect this stupid thing
Heartless Creature2: idk but it says that if this thing breaks the human inside it will be set free and all of her powers will be free as well
Heartless Creature: ahh fine but how will it break
Heartless Creature2: easy by the heart of Flames which will be heard no one will be able to find it!
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: dash across the snowy plain, cutting down all the heartless that get in his path, a hour later he reaches a small town with a huge dome of ice and he hides next to a ally wall, peeking around the edge to watch&listen while saying to him self softly. "ok, why are those heartless guarding that hunk of ice?"
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Heartless Creature3: guys there is an intruder more guards are coming to protect the girl cursed inside there
Heartless Creature1: dang right sir wait who will protect the keyblade and the heart of flames?
heartless Creature: as long as no one will go near that ice sculpture which has the keyblade and the keychain in its hands then it'll be alright
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: "hmmm, so there's a girl in their and those dumb heartless give me a the anwser to free her." He run off to find the heart of flames.

[a guy in black come out of a darkness portal with ten nobodies]

guy in black: "you heartless are done here, we nobodies are takeing over." he summons a keyblade to his hand.

(heh, heh, hey hikari can you guess who's the guy in black?)
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
(ummmmmmm is it you? or is it Sora? theres some other people i know in the game but i forgot lolz!)
hace más de un año dargox said…
(no, it's a roxas clone)
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
(ahhhh ok ummm is that a good thing or a bad thing?)
Heartless Creature: pfft we rule this land Nobodies you cant just take it from us
Heartless Creature2: and if you are your gonna haft to fight us for it
[the icey ground started to shake as the big hunk of ice was shaking as well]
Heartless Creature: on second thought you guys can have it we're getting out of here later
[all of the heartless creatures soon ran off screaming in fear except for one who was guarding the fire keyblade and the heart of flames]
Heartless Creature: hahahaha no one is gonna get through me
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hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
(awww i hate errors)
hace más de un año dargox said…
(well depends, see the clone roxas don't know he's a clone.)

Takumi: runs up shouting. "oh really heartless! Let me be the one to test that!!!" he jumps into the air and spins around, then swings at the heartless.
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Heartless: *grabs Takumi's foot and then throws him away from the sculpture but then feels the ground shake* what the?
[the keyblade slowly started to glow brightly red]
Heartless: oh no the keyblade its getting its powers back!
[the ground then slowly started to shake more and more then slowly it calmed down]
Serena: *her hand twitched slightly but she was still asleep in the ice*
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: recovers in midair then dashes forward, fliping over the heartless and kicks him in back, then backspin grabbing the "heart of flames" keyblade from it's stone. "now your in trouble heartless!!" he runs at the heartless with his key and the one he just free.
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
(hey are any of the other characters gonna be there like the main characters like Riku and Sora? and also the disney characters)
Heartless: AHHHHHH *starts running and then the ground started to shake and he falls through a portal and then it closes as only the heartless went into it*
[back near the hunk of ice the ground was mostly shaking there the nobodies had nothing to hold but then it slowly calmed down but the little blurry figure inside the ice was seen as her armed move slightly]
hace más de un año dargox said…
(yeah, what's kingdom hearts without the main and diseny characters?)

roxas (clone): trys to keep level while during the earthquke. "looks like the heart of flames has been free...NOBODIES!! half of you stay here and make sure that girl don't go nowhere, the rest come with me..we have a key to calm." With that he dash off to takumi's location.

[with takumi]

Takumi: "damn, heartless they always run but I wounded, why were they scared of this one and not my?" He looks at the heart of flames keyblade.

(hey hikari, can you be clone roxas for this next part?)
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
(why sure!)
Roxas(clone): *runs to where the heart of flames are* HURRY UP YOU FOOLS
[the figure in the ice started to move a bit more then her mouth to move slowly whispering chants as the heart of flames in the keyblade started to glow more brightly but then the figure stopped moving as the ground shook once more]
Roxas(clone): grrr *stops and see's Takumi and glares* give me the heart of flames fool
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: he quickly turns to the black hood guy and takes a fighting stance with the 'heart of flames' in hand. "NO WAY pal! I was sent a s.o.s and I believe the person who sent it is in thats ice, so if you want this key then come and get it!!"
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Roxas(clone): grrrrr *runs at Takumi and kick him in the face and then makes him fly up in the air*
[the keyblade then shot fire out at Roxas]
Roxas(clone): *gasps and then he jumps out of the way the fireball almost hitting him
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: "aaaw!!" He flys back from the kick but slingshot him self off a pillar and swings the two keyblades at the black hood boy. "take this!! Key power!!"
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Roxas(clone): *tries to dodge it but gets hit* AHHHHHH grrrr you will pay NOBODIES ATTACK!
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: dodges the nobodies while sliceings some, then upper kicked the hood boy into the air and next jumps up to slice the boy shouting. "YOU'RE DONE NOBODY BOY!!!"
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
Roxas(clone): *his hoodie then came off showing who he really is* not for a long shot *he disappears*
hace más de un año Romance13 said…
Serenia Fantasy
Serenia Fantasy (Chinese:仙境幻想) is an anime style browser RPG by KoramGame,
a China-based gaming company behind games such as Spirit Tales, Dragon Born and etc.
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: lands on an nearby rooftop and then runs towards the ice dome with the girl inside. "damn!! Who was that black hooded boy? cause he looks familiar."
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
[the key glowed brightly as you got closer and a key hole appears]
hace más de un año dargox said…
Takumi: the heart of flames escape from his and flies into the key hole.
hace más de un año hikari_hiwatari said…
(oh Dargox sorry I didn't know you replied sorry I haven't replied to your rp lately)
hace más de un año X-Blade_Wielder said…
Name: Zora
Age: 16
D.o.b: 11/17
Race: she is the human form of the X blade
Gender: female
Eyes color: gold
Hair color: Blonde and Black in some spots
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120

Body type: fit
Personality: Zora likes to show off a lot when she can, she can be lazy and manipulative sometimes but straighten up when needed (more info would be learned throughout the rp)
Clothes: she has a white tanktop, half of her jacket is black and the other half is white and a nobody symbol on the middle, her left glove is black and the right is white, her jeans are grey and she wears Riku's blindfold

Weapons: keyblades
Key chains: Silver Eclipse, Void Gear, The no name Keyblade, Lost Memory (Ventus'), Way to the Dawn
Skills: manipulating peoples minds to do what she says, awesome hand combat and She's fast
Powers: she can control unversed and she can control nobodies, she can use light and darkness aswell
Abilities: High Jump Lv 3, Cartwhell Lv 2, Super Glide Lv 2, Explosion, Stratosphere, Critical Impact, Thunder Bolt (whatever it was called) and Cyclone
Good or bad: both
Home island: ???
Bio: (working on it)

Other: she has a unversed symbol on her forehead but her hair covers it up and she has a mark of the X blade on her stomach