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SerenityLeigh posted on Dec 10, 2011 at 09:01PM
I was just wondering but, what is EVERY KH game made (available in Canada or the U.S) and their platform? I LOOOOVE this game series and want to expand my collection... Thankss! :)

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hace más de un año Hkiara said…

Kingdom Hearts 1 -PS2
Kingdom Hearts 2-PS2
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories -Gameboy Advance
Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories -PS2
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days -DS
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded-DS
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep -PSP
In 2011 "Dream Drop Distance" comes out on 3DS!

There's also the Final Mix-games, but I think they're only available in Japan.
This is all I can think of now!