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On 30th of May 358/2 Days was released in japón and it answerd the pregunta about who Xion is

*Spoilers start here*

She is not actually a Nobody, but a doll created por Xemnas from Sora's leaked memories. Her face was based off of Sora's strongest memory, Kairi, but as Naminé pieced together Sora's memories, she began to physically look like Sora.

The plan was for Xion to eventually become a complete Sora replica, due to the fact that Xemnas was unsure if he could rely on the actual Sora to gather him enough hearts for Kingdom Hearts. Eventually she would have had to absorb Roxas to become whole, and if that were to happen, the original Sora would never awaken. Eventually she is absorbed por Roxas instead, thus giving him the ability to duel-wield.

*Spoilers end here*

In my opinion a completely original storyline.

What do tu think

I just have to tell tu guys about this:

Yesterday my aunt, uncle and cousins came to visit us. That afternoon, my youngest cousin came to me, and asked: "Do tu want to play Kingdom Hearts with me?"

Well, it was fine por me of course, it's practically a disney game after all. I explained him how it worked, and about some of the disney franchise in the game. Suddenly, he said: "I wanna go to Mulan!" (heheh, lol the Land of Dragons)

Turns out that he loved the game very much, makes me feel good I have a little cousin who has the same interest in games like me
Seriously, this has been a whole new experience for me XD It was weird, but I thought it was kinda cute, don't ya think?
 parte superior, arriba five
Top five
okay, here is the parte superior, arriba five things about kingdom hearts:
5: The music: Let's face it, the música is pretty awesome. I even have some on limewire, but that's my opinion.
4. graphics: Hey, tu have to admit, the graphics are pretty good in both games. I think the reason the graphics weren't as good in the first one, is probably because of the lack of.... creativeness?(no offense)
3. worlds: tu just have to like the worlds, they are awesome!
2. Abilities and/or magic: that stuff is pretty sweet. It would be awesome to be able to do that stuff.
1. Characters: The number one thing in my parte superior, arriba five are the characters. Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy..... brilliantly made/thought of.
 The kh cast is awesome
The kh cast is awesome
Chapter 02: Heartless overflowing

The city of Izrah was being attacked por Heartless. The streets where full of them. Danny Stuivenberg, a teenage boy wielding the Kingdom Key was out to clear the streets. The sky turned purple dark, as Danny rushed through the city. He attacked one of the Heartless in the back, but then más came after him. Strongly overpowered por the enormous number, Danny searched for a way out of the street. He bashed all the Shadows out of his way, as he makes his way through the avenue.

''Wherever did these guys come from?'' he panted, as he kept running.

He then arrived...
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Chapter 01: Two warriors

It was a quiet night. A soft midnight breeze blew through the deserts. A Neoshadow Heartless crossed the desert at high speed. Another Neoshadow was being launched towards it. They both vanished.

''Just try me!'' a guy said.

He swung the Ultima Keyblade, and the Heartless rushed towards him. The guy leaped towards the large group of Heartless. They where slain, one por another.

''Who's next?'' he challenged.
''Raph.'' A man called while walking off a hill.

Raph turned around, and he saw the man grinning, and walking towards him. He went in a battle stance in case the man...
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In a world, far, far away, a legendary craftsman created three Keyblades known as the ''Keys of Trinity''. Many dicho these Keyblades were superior, many tried to witness the awesome power of the three Keyblades, but the Keyblades were seperated, and therefore their power was limited. One day, a mysterious figure managed to wield all three of the Keyblades. The blades were meant for stopping evil. However, he grew into a terrible tiran, who created the ''Heartless''. Even Raph Shur, wielder of the powerful Keyblade ''Ultima'', wasn't able to stop him. The world continued to live in darkness....
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posted by khfan12
i am really sorry to those who i confused about what i dicho about Aqua being Riku's mom and i am really sorry to those i confused and i am so sorry that i will put some song lyrics on here!
Artist Hikaru Utada
Song lyrics Sanctuary from Kingdom Hearts 2 album.

wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
In tu and I there's a new land,
Angels in flight.

wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
My sanctuary, My sanctuary Yeah.
Where fears and lies melt away.
Music inside.

wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I
What's left of me.
What's left of me now.

I watch tu fast asleep,
all I fear means nothing.

In tu and I there's...
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posted by khfan12
ok so u can say that it's every girl's dream to see a guy they like, right? well, the first moment that i saw sora, i fell in love, as tu can see from the comentarios that i leave. but, u know how everyone gets when they fall in love, but i think it was más like upsession! so, even though sora and kairi are cute together, i am so jelous of them! but in the end, they deserve/need each other. but where does Riku fit in tu ask? oh, right after i saw him in the segundo game, i liked him. oh yes... roxas. how can i forget him? lets just say that i was almost as upsessed with him as sora. u can not...
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