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help me please and yes i put this on the misceláneo page 2

ok u see this picture? and u see the portal that Axel and Karia are about to run into? 2 things.
1.if tu have a better picture of a portal like this, please post it
2. how would u describe this portal? like this?:
"There was a large whooshing noise and in the center of the room was a large portal. It was drenched in black, with blue strands. The strands swirled on the floor, stretching and retracting. At the top, the strands did the same. The center was wrapped in blue, and the portal seemed to breathe, and it never ceased moving."

if tu could describe it, would that sound good?thanks guys i owe u one
 fangs286 posted hace más de un año
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vlad_todd_fan said:
That's good and may I ask is this for like a story your writing? But anyway here's my description.

There was the sound of wind rushing around but coming from the center of the room instead of the open windows. Wisps of black smoke wafted up from the ground in an arch to form an oval like sea of blackness. The sea of blackness contained itself and kept it's shape but always seemed to be moving.
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posted hace más de un año 
wow thats so good and ya it is i have this character who can make portals and i wanted it to be this cause its SO cool thanks for the help!
fangs286 posted hace más de un año
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