There BFS times twooo.
They will make tu laught so hard you`ll pee (Already Done!)

tu could travel the world but nothing comes close to the two best firends of young Justice.

Kid Flash & Robin are so awsome. Robin has his cinturón, correa of stuff Kid Flash is like a blur. There so hot the`ll melt your popcial like -Ohhho..Ohhoo
Kid Flash & Robin.(x2)

misceláneo Rap part:
So hey...come up and meet them. I mean you`ll full in amor with them.Draw`em,Kiss`em,Wacth`em.BFS like you.Hey creator of Young Justice.(Un hun?!) I only wacth it because of Kid Flash & Robin.
Whooo Hooo...

Kid Flash & Robin are BFFS times two. They will make tu laugh so hard you`ll pee.There so hot the`ll melt your popcial like-Ohhho...Ohhoo.
Kid Flash & Robin (x3)