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Fan fiction by birdfIash posted hace más de un año
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"No, I will sleep on the parte superior, arriba bunk! You'll end up doing some stupid shenanigan, fall off, and break your back!" Dick Grayson explains dramatically to his speedster friend.

"Nuh-uh!" Wally West denied, half-believing Dick. "If anything you'd do that." The older boy crossed his arms and stuck out his lower lip.

This ridiculous argument started when batman and Black Canary decided to send the Young Justice League off to a summer camp. Why they decided to do this? No one is really sure; most likely to get rid of the kids for a while.

They were sent off to a private island that batman owned that had three cabins, lined up in a single row along a playa side.. They were small and only had a single bunk bed, a bathroom, and a mini cocina inside.

Two of the superheroes had to división, split up with each other and decide who would be with who during their stay. Conner and Kaldur took the first cabin, Artemis and Megan ran into the segundo one giggling in excitement, and left Wally and Dick to the last, and the smallest, cabina at the end.
Article by lolfan88 posted hace más de un año
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There BFS times twooo.
They will make tu laught so hard you`ll pee (Already Done!)

tu could travel the world but nothing comes close to the two best firends of young Justice.

Kid Flash & Robin are so awsome. Robin has his cinturón, correa of stuff Kid Flash is like a blur. There so hot the`ll melt your popcial like -Ohhho..Ohhoo
Kid Flash & Robin.(x2)

misceláneo Rap part:
So hey...come up and meet them. I mean you`ll full in amor with them.Draw`em,Kiss`em,Wacth`em.BFS like you.Hey creator of Young Justice.(Un hun?!) I only wacth it because of Kid Flash & Robin.
Whooo Hooo...

Kid Flash & Robin are BFFS times two. They will make tu laugh so hard you`ll pee.There so hot the`ll melt your popcial like-Ohhho...Ohhoo.
Kid Flash & Robin (x3)