1. Whenever tu get married, and have kids...do tu think tu might sing to them? And, about how many kids do tu think tu would want? 400 kids, and i'll sing to them all!

2. Do tu guys play cards on the tour buses to help pass the time? nope

3. tu like a good filete .... what is your fav dessert? Love good steaks, medium rare sirloin, sorbet

4. As I'm sure your granny makes tu cena when tu are home, what's your favorito! thing she makes for you? Stew

5. Who decides who is going to be in the Meet & Greets? Is it just whoever feels like it that night-or do tu all rotate? And do tu take requests?? we rotate

6. do tu & any of the other CT guys ever have a mermelada sessions on the road? you wouldn't want to know

7. What did tu think of snowboarding? i really enjoyed it but i hurt like crazy the siguiente day

8. Is there a wicked halloween costume you've wanted to try? halloweens so big back inicial ive already tryed them all!

9. are tu a fan of the Tv mostrar Ghosthunters? never seen it

10. what is your fav Holiday? a hot one with lots of empty waves

11. do u have a fav disney movie? American tale

12. tu answered that tu always have your beads with you. I was just wondering if it was the rosary beads u wear? And do u go to Mass on Sundays when you're touring? yes they are and i go to mass when its possible

13. What do tu miss the most about inicial when tu are travelling? waves and my family

14. On link Ashlieh7 says she thinks the name of this song is 'Don't Forget Me'. Is that the name of the song? I'm thinking it might be 'Forget Me Not'? Either way, it's a great song, and you're playing Smokey, which makes it even better. Just curious as to what song título tu chose. dont forget me

15. Is it difficult to keep up with doing laundry while touring? Have tu ever had any of your clothes stolen out of the laundramat(hotel) dryers? nope but i shrunk some tonight

16. Since tu guys travel so much on the buses-how often do tu get on each others nerves being so "together" all of the time? not too much actually we know each others limits

17. how the heck do tu even START to pack for a 2 mes trip??? lightly and smartly

18. what do tu think of all us crazy ladies on your forum? what's it like being on the other side of the fan site? its great...i amor it!

19. When tu play the paino do tu read sheet música o play por ear? any instrument that i play is por ear, but im learning the dots

20. In pics the paino tu were playing looks like an electric piano, do tu play a traditional acoustic paino too? i havnt got an electric one just some midi keybords an upright

21. Have tu ever gone outside in the rain to just randomly dance o play in it?? that would be telling

22. Would tu ever live on a farm? ive live in the country side all my life and ive always had loads o pets so im well used to it

23. If tu could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? a husky

24. if tu could work with any artist alive o dead who would it be? (my question)tom waits

25. If tu won a million dollars, what would tu do with the money? blow it

26. Have tu ever been embarrassed and por what? you couldnt break me with a big stick!

27. Keith, when you're touring europa siguiente spring, are tu planning on keeping all your fans up to fecha with blogs and Tweets? of course itll keep me occupied to tell all tu guys the CRAIC!

28. What do tu do to get rid of writer's block when tu are trying to write a song? i dont my escritura comes in bursts mabey 20 songs in one mes and none the next, i never force it

29. What is your favorito! shirt???? my blue one

30. Who's your favorito! photographer? johny shongo

31. If tu can own just one of these famous guitars, which would it be -
Eric Clapton's Blackie, BB King's Lucille, Stevie rayo, ray Vaughan's SRV, o Bo Didley's Cigar Box Guitar? cigar box guitar

32. Other than your own, what música are tu currently listening to? / What is the latest música you've actually purchased? Seals greatest hits and some Gilbert O Sullivan

33. I know tu like a lot of different kinds of music, but I was wondering, what's your opinion on rap? i dont listen to it much but i get it.

34. What is your ideal sandwich?? ham cheese tomate cebolla toasted...mmmmmm

35. What's your favorito! fruit? grapes

36. What's your favorito! vegetable? spudz

37. What's the biggest wave tu surfed on and did tu fall off? it was the size of the empire state building and of course i didnt fall off!

38. What's your record number of pints in a single day? and did tu collapse? 1

39. What's the most surprising thing anyone has ever done for tu on your birthday? arrived ...lol

40. What's the most surprising thing anyone has ever done for tu at a gig? the blankets were the best

41. What's the strangest thing anyone has dicho to tu while on Tour? i want to have your babies

42. If tu had the opportunity to relive one moment of your life, what would it be? every surf i had all rolled into one!

43. what is the worst injury tu have ever sustained? a really deep scar on my back in bali were someone's fin wen straight through my back!

44. What are tu going to do first when tu get inicial from this tour? SURF

45. If tu were to have a cena and could invite anyone dead o living who would tu invite?? tom waits, me granny, elvis and president Obama

46. have tu ever had a mermelada session in an especially strange place? the back of a Van

47. What's your favorito! meal that tu had in America? you filete here is great i have to say

48. did Johnny tell/advise tu who to accept as friends? did he have to warn tu that some of us are a little strange?! nope

49. Keith, your Sweets are dying to know if you've ever read Lord of Harkinshire... It's taken on a life of it's own... yup, its scary

50. Oh keith me dear when are tu going to start mailing out those newsletters thingys? tomorrow

51. Ahhh, I have a question! Keith, how much would I have to pay tu to record "Annie's Song" (John Denver) for me??? 5 million

52. So Keith, just for the record, do tu believe in aliens? yup

53. Least favorito! food?? stuff deep in cheese

54. Keith: What's the latest from Busty Music? secret plans are being developed to take over the world

55. Did tu know that your VW Beetle can actually float? yup

56. maní, cacahuete mantequilla and gelatina, jalea sandwich, o ham and cheese? a few preguntas above should answer that!