1) Katherine brought Damon the cure.
2) Katherine has a plan B and a plan C and a plan D and well,you know how the alphabet goes don't you?
3) Katherine is the "safest psychotic perra in town."
4) Katherine looks out for herself, she will always look out for herself.
5) Deep down, Katherine really cares about both Salvatores. (- KW)
6) Katherine doesn't need a guy to save her. End of story.
7) Katherine believes in "Better tu die than I."
8) Katherine drunk vervain for 145 years thus it doesn't hurt her.
9) Katherine isn't afraid to let loose and party when the occasion comes around.
10) Katherine believed that, without love, life is meaningless ( )
11) Katherine has the most perfect hair. Ever. It's shallow, but it's true.
12) Katherine keeps her cool - o tries - even in the most deadly of situations.
13) Katherine other than perfect hair she also has perfect make up,even when she showers.
14) Katherine believes in "no rules".
15) Katherine has a thing for big knifes and fingers.
16) Katherine owns the scenes.
17) Katherine isn't anyone's puppet.
18) Katherine is clever.
19) Katherine is a survivor.
20) Katherine is strong.
21) Katherine managed to escape Klaus for centuries.
22) Katherine isn't the ideal girl, and isn't perfect. If she were, she'd be boring.
23) She's a great dancer. (2x19 - )
24) Katherine has the best entrances.
25) Katherine hates being bored.
26) Katherine has great fashion sense.
27) Katherine can fake milk-maid innocence, but we all know what's underneath.
28) Katherine is witty, and never bats an eyelash when she says something blunt/inappropriate.
29) Katherine faked her death and got away with it for 145 years.
30) Katherine breaks your spine in a dance floor.
31) Katherine loves to play games.
32) Katherine will tell tu never to sneak up on a vampire.
33) Katherine cared a lot about her family.
34) Katherine had amazing dresses back in 1864.
35) Katherine believes that Elena is as dull as dishwater.
36) Katherine can rip tu to shreds and do her nails at the same time.
37) Katherine knows not to pet werewolves.
38) Katherine's enmascarados outfit = GORGEOUS
39) Katherine will try and seduce Damon -- even after he's staked her.
40) Katherine wanted to marry for más than convenience when she was human.
41) Katherine has actual faults -- and suffers the consequences of those faults.
42) Katherine doesn't want to be alone for eternity.
43) Katherine doesn't want Damon leave mad.
44) Katherine runs because she knows someone will chase.
45) Katherine always gets what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.
46) Katherine wants tu dead there is zero tu can do about it you'll be dead.
47) Damon loved her for over 145 years.
48) Katherine is beautiful, even when she vamps out.
49) She's one of the respectable ladies of Mystic Falls.
50) Katherine embraces her feminine wiles, and has no shame.
51) Katherine is smart enough to manipulate the situation to whatever benefits her.
52) Katherine's been through a lot, but she doesn't mope around in self pity.
53) Katherine's moments of vulnerability are as BAMF as her moments of strength.
54) Katherine throws men into bushes like no big deal.
55) Katherine is getting better at imitating Elena.
56) Katherine enjoys hand slapping.
57) Katherine likes mean,rough and monstrous Damon.
58) Katherine staked Stefan twice.
59) tu know it's a bad situation when all that needs saying is, "Katherine happened."
60) She and Damon have amazing chemistry together.
61) She has a great smile.
62) Katherine is the only girl in Mystic Falls who knows how to please a man.
63) Katherine taught Damon a lot of her tricks.
64) Katherine likes to have her cake and eat it too.
65) Katherine will read your diary if tu leave it out
66) Katherine wanted to hold her daughter.
67) Katherine believes that amor is only real when it is returned.
68) Katherine is hilariously self-entitled.
69) Katherine won't leave unless she's forcibly removed
70) Katherine likes her loose ends tied up.
71) Katherine has the Petrova fire.
72) Katherine is one of the most fun characters on the mostrar to watch.
73) Katherine is also one of más complicated characters on the show.
74) Katherine makes Nina's actuación shine...or maybe the other way around
75) Katherine tried to get Damon to kiss her in Masquerade
76) Katherine ripped open Damon's camisa, camiseta a copped a feel.
77) Katherine called for Damon when she was in danger.
78) Katherine took out the Manwitch in The House Guest
79) Katherine likes to send messages to Damon through his ex-lovers who Damon gave his blood to.
80) Katherine believes in tit for tat
81) Katherine got Damon to kiss her when her mouth was covered with the blood of the two victims she just killed
82) Katherine turned in Emily Bennett for being a witch because she doesn't like leaving loose ends.
83) Katherine gave Bonnie a dose of her own medicine when she tried to pull her witchiepoo stuff on her.
84) Katherine loves a man in a suit
85) Katherine can throw a man across the room.
86) Katherine was sleeping with Mason, trying to seduce Damon and pursuing Stefan at the same time.
87) Katherine dicho Damon and Stefan three times when everyone always says Stefan and Damon.
88) Katherine tried to kill John and still he wanted to make a deal with her.
89) Katherine knows Damon so well she figured out where he hid the moonstone and estola it from him, along with a stash of money.
90) Katherine thwarted Klaus' plans for her por killing herself and becoming a vampire.
91) Katherine may have gotten Damon to desert the army for her.
92) Katherine stood in the sunlight and got burned to make Klaus think she was compelled.
93) Katherine estola the moonstone from Klaus and ruined his ritual.
94) Katherine outsmarted Klaus for over 500 years.
95) Katherine kissed Damon on Elena's porch.
96) Katherine told Damon he was hot when he was threatening to plunge a stake through her heart.
97) Katherine linked herself with Elena so when Damon and Stefan tried to kill her, Elena felt the pain.
98) Katherine used Stefan's test to try and get him to alert Isobel she was in the tomb so Isobel would rescue her.
99) Katherine rubbed it in Damon's nose that she tricked him into killing Elijah and released her from the tomb.
100) Katherine told Damon she made a deal for him to die and Stefan to live, then told him not to pout about it.