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Source: So Cute *-*-*-*
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Selena's P.O.V
it was 5 years hace he got me pregnant and left.I should have known it,once a player always a player.Everytime I look at Drew he reminds me so much of Justin,Drew has my eyes but Justin's dirty blond hair.How could he be so cold hearted to all these girls.
He was walking towards me I had a confused look on my face while he had a smile on his.He asked me on a fecha I was shocked but later agreed.After 9 months of dating he got me to have sex with him. He broke up with me the morning after. I found out I was preggo soon after. I did not need him neither of us did.
I was taking Drew to school when I saw a familiar face


I was taking jazzy to school when isaw someone i did not expect..........SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!:0
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Source: So Cute *-*-*-*
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