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This justin bieber arte de los fans might contain signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, letrero, hip boot, thigh boot, medias, leotardos, and collants.

You’re currently lying in bed, waiting for your boyfriend, Justin, to come inicial when tu suddenly hear a sound come from downstairs. Thinking nothing of it, tu bury your head into the book again - figuratively speaking, of course. It was a book Justin had gotten tu for your birthday and when tu finally got to lectura it - tu just couldn’t stop. Your body tenses when another sound is heard. Normally, you’d blame it on the perrito, cachorro tu and Justin had bought about six months hace but since he was ‘visiting’ Pattie, tu couldn’t. Marking the page tu had been reading, tu place the...
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Another groan escapes your lips and tu clutch your stomach as if to stop the pain. You’re lying in bed, wrapped up in your covers. As an attempt to soothe the pain, tu rock slightly back and forth. Nothing helps and tu let out a helpless wail again. After doing this, tu inwardly scold yourself for sounding like a sick whale.

You hear a chuckle from the door and whip your head around to glare at the person - already knowing too well who it belonged to. You’re met with Justin’s very amused face and tu send him a cold stare, letting him know that he was on his way towards deep water....
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