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posted by j-biebslover
Today i was watching justin bieber flirting with tu and it was hilarious but creepy at the same time soo dreamy. tu guys should watch it.just go to youtube and type in justin bieber flirting with you.

I remember when i first saw him i was at justice and his song one time and i was like whose that hottie! I always heard his song but never saw his sexy face!since then ive loved him!Now im sitting here with the bieber fever... and i amor the feeling! i wanna be his valentine but I've never met him. (sigh). But i amor tu justin. and ima tell one time that im your number one fan (lol)! his hair is song dreamy and talk about his eyes and dreamy smile! if i met the jonas brother i would have said,"no ugly allowed 'cause justin bieber beat tu por a long shot"! keep up with the good work. omjb im starting to sound like me teacher because she always says that. Peace!<3
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A few days ago, I woke up from a dream where ustin thought I was his drea girl. When I woke up, I was literally like 0.0 hat had happened was:

I was on myspace and saw hm on, so I talked to him. After a while, we sarted teling each other about our lives and then, ut of nowere,He stated that I was his dream girlandthat he would come for me. A little bit later in the dream, me and my boyfrin were sitting with the other band people(We're both in band) and Out of nowhere, a unch f girls start scraming. We look over and see Justn walking toward us and he says hi to me and sits b me. I remember that He asked me out, but i told him no because I have a boyfriend. Later in the dream me and my boyfriend broke up ana Justin asked me out again and then I woke up.

It was strangely weired and I wonder why I had that dream.
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Justin Bieber the disney World navidad 2011
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hola there girls, listen up! Justin Bieber is open to going out with one of his fans!

He dicho as much in an interview he did in Londres while promoting My World 2.0. Basically he dicho that it depends on the situation, but that he would do it. Justin isn't only up for dating other stars, he would fecha anyone if she was the right sort of girl.

And another detail: Justin likes girls with nice smiles, pretty eyes and who can make him laugh. This is his descripción of his dream girl. Do tu fit the mold? The tu may be just right for Justin!
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