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Bluebell-in-May dicho …
I and violeta had a very serious talk about this : Anyone can participate in the icono contest. There js a bit of mess regarding correct size of icons. So let me make it very clear to all of you. tu can participate just with deviantart o pinterest fanarts o normal images. tu aren't forced to editar that. Except they shouldn't be bigger than 300×300 pixels. Just crop the large images. A perfect square o not, that depends on tu completely. If they are small, no problem. publicado hace 19 días
JosepineJackson comentó…
Okay, thats great that tu changed rules a bit, changes are always good, actually the reason I don't really care about all those contests (including my own) is mostly because I have a lot going on in real life so I have less time for fanpop in general. I am a quite back here now so I think I will try to save everything about contests and check out what's going on in yours soon too. Don't worry, I have nothing against your contests and I take part in them when I have time. Also I like editing pictures as much as my editor allows so... Anyway, thank tu for letting me know and have a nice día 🙂 hace 15 días
Lavendergolden comentó…
^ She didn't mean tu have anything against the contest. We just got curious why tu and Berni stopped participating suddenly hace 14 días
JosepineJackson comentó…
Okay, got it. hace 12 días
JosepineJackson dicho …
Now a little examen for my friends, can tu guess who is that '30s actress' in my new perfil icon? 😄 link
Nevermind, just asking...
I am back (a kinda) por the way 💛 publicado hace 28 días
yorkshire_rose comentó…
Is it,Deanna Durbin ? I'm probably wrong.She's very beautiful who ever she is :) hace 28 días
JosepineJackson dicho …
I am not away again, just somehow I don't have time and energy for clubs... I am having a room makeover and a lot of other stuff. But I am still here. If tu want to connect with me just write message in bandeja de entrada o wall. Probably with time I will be fully back here. But living in makeover mess, always waiting to finally get my new furniture, all trip plans on july... Anyway, wish tu all a wonderful weekend 💚 publicado hace 1 mes
yorkshire_rose comentó…
No worries,Liana.Just come here when tu can.I am the same,everything is so time consuming.You are always in my thoughts a nd prayers 💚 hace 1 mes
JosepineJackson comentó…
💚💚💚 hace 1 mes