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yorkshire_rose dicho …
Beautiful Club New Look ❤️ publicado hace 14 días
ktichenor comentó…
Very pretty and stylish! 💛 hace 12 días
Lavendergolden comentó…
Really cool, Liana. I agree with Kirstem hace 12 días
JosepineJackson comentó…
Thank tu so much, my dear Kat and Tamara 💜 hace 1 día
JosepineJackson dicho …
Very spontaneous decision, but this club NEEDS a new icono and banner right now! (Recommend tu to vote for new ones) ❤️✨🧡 publicado hace 25 días
JosepineJackson comentó…
Yep, maybe I had to give tu a chance to enviar your versions of new diseño before, but just... Yep, that was sudden decision, I just made that icono and banner and decided - I need them on my club 😄🧡 Anyway, hope tu like new ones. hace 25 días
yorkshire_rose comentó…
amor them ♡ hace 25 días
JosepineJackson comentó…
Thank tu 💜 hace 22 días
JosepineJackson dicho …
Hi my dear friends 🧡
I am just letting tu know that these days I am very busy with my endless apartment makeover, so I will probably be offline til siguiente week. We are getting new windows, I have to organize and put away all the stuff, take off decorations and diseño new ones, cover all the furniture in film etc. It's already a chaos and gonna be even worse in a few days (dusty mess). Anyway, wish tu all a wonderful día and weekend 💜 publicado hace 1 mes
rahulshingtee comentó…
Aw, gonna miss tu here. Take care 💞 hace 1 mes
autumn777 comentó…
good luck ✌ hace 1 mes
JosepineJackson comentó…
<3 hace 27 días