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posted by JORDW
Gwen: Keven it's getting late!
kaven: should we stop?
Gwen: yeah!
Keven: ok!
Gwen: Do tu think we will ever find Ben?
Keven: If tu think we will, we will.
Gwen: I mean he's alll the way in canada, and we are about to cruzar, cruz the border into texas.
Keven: maby in a año but we will. trust me.
Gwen: ok.

Ben: hola Mike.
Mike: yeah?
Ben: will Gwen and keven ever find me?
Mike: I don't care i hate you.
Ben: i know.
Duncan: hola amor birds! Shut up!
Ben: ok
Duncan: Thank you.

Chris: Time to wake up!
Lasawna: it's 6:00 in the morning!
Chris: first one to run around the camp to the kichen wins!
(5 minutos later)
HeatherL we won???
Noah: we won???
Goffers: yay!!!!!
chris: nope theres one más chalange! The a-wake-athoun!
Ben: oh no!
posted by 123Jordan
Jordan's Pov
Ok it's been a great time on cc so far. Me, poppy, alex.p, and Draven have been so good together. I hope it dosen't get bad......

Poppy: Curcus city is so far so great!
Jordan: I know right?
Poppy: and alex, tu better post más vidoes!
Alex: I'm trying, the eiter is on my dads compurter and he's never home!
Poppy: Well try ok!

Alex's Pov
amapola and Jordan keep pushing me to post the vidoes. I think i have told them 50,000 times that I'm trying. Gosh! They don't lisen!

Poppy's Pov
I don't think alex is tacking it serasly. If we are going to be famus, we need lots of vidoes. not just that 45 secound one. we need lots!

Draven: hola poppy!
Poppy: oh hi draven!
Draven: can i kiss u?
Poppy: No u know u can't kiss people here! It's a rule!

Draven's Pov
Stuped rules! I' wanna kiss amapola and i wanna kiss her now! I don't care if i will get in trolble! I want to do it now!
Srry ppl this part is all to violent so just watch
*Jordans Prov*

Im so glad I gotton Lia's memorie back now im marrying her and everything is back to least not till the wedding
Jordan:What happened
Lia:Had a fight with ur ex and she riped my wedding dress but dont worry I have renforcements.
Jordan:Better do it fast
Lia:Dont worry babe *[i]kisses cheek*Be right back

*Lia's Prov*

I cant beleave im marrying the guy of my dreams it all started in Collage in the envlope to mostrar my grades there it was he told me he loved me más than anything in the world
Lia:*[i]trips on rock* Owwww!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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*Jordans prov*
I couldnt beleave my girlfriend well ex girlfriend doesnt remember me I should of never made tht wish
*At school*
"So I was all walking down the stairs when I saw Jared totally checking me out I know he is so gonna ask me to the dance" dicho Lia "You and Jared make one cute couple" dicho Ava just then Lia bumped into Jordan "Owwww may tu watch...." Lia stoped as there hands touched and they were looking into each other's eyes "Lia do tu remember me??" Jordan asked "What OMG givmie that," dicho Lia all surprized "How dare tu just bump into me and then dont even say srry that is...
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(Bridgette's house 3:00 in the morning)

Bridgette: ummmmmmmmmmm Geoff?
Geoff: Yeah bridg?
Bridgette: There's something in the room.
Geoff: *youn* It might be the wind.
Bridgette: NO I CAN SEE IT!
Geoff: Then it's a rat. Go back to sleep.
Bridgette: It's much bigger then a rat.
Geoff: Then just don't worry about it. In the morning we got a new job so we got to b readdy.
Bridgette: It's comming closer. It's it's
Izzy: hola guys!
Bridgette; It's Izzy?
Izzy: What's up?
Geoff: Izzy? how did u get in here?
Izzy: well, it's a long story!
Bridgette: Tell us!
Izzy: Well, it could scare you.
Geoff: Tell...
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*Lia's prov*
As my corazón was raceing when I was trying to run to the wood there I saw him the guy who was in amor with me that Brown hair blue eye boy. His name was Jordan to admit he was cute. When I broke up with him he grabed my arm and I was trying to excape
"Let go of me" dicho Lia "Not until were Bf and Gf again" dicho Jordan "I have a cell phone and If u dont let me go im calling the police!!!!!!!!" dicho Lia "If I let u go will u stay???" dicho Jordan "Im staying so I will wait for the police" dicho Lia. Jordan let go of Lia "Later sucker" dicho Lia running father away "Noooooooooooooooo"...
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Chad: Sonny I need your help!
Sonny: Chad? What do tu want?
Chad: I oddered 7 tickes so Mecanzie falls can come to this croose and they got me 12! I need u to have this 5!
Sonny: What's the cech?
Chad: There isn't one!
Sonny: Oh! Okay then thanks!

Sonny: Guys gusse what?
Tonny: The presadnt dicho I can have a new town and name it Tonny Land!
Sonny: aaaaaaaaaa no!
Tonny: Gang darnt!
Sora: They Eleked me as school presadnt?
Sonny: no!
Sonny: Were going on a crose!
All: What?
Sonny: Isn't great?
Tonny: That is amazing! Where is it?
Sonny: The tipden!
Tonny: Even better!
Sonny: Come on guys let's back!
Marshel: Back...
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posted by JORDW
Ben: Great were loseing! Ummmmmmmmm, *Turns to MindMasser*
Mindnesser: Mindmesser!!!!!!!!!! Owen!
MinMesser: Be quit!
Owen: Yes sure!
Mindmesser: Now jump on your hot tube when chris comes!
Owen: Yes sure!
Mindmesser: Good! Time for *Turns to Xsala8*
Xsala8: Xsala8! *Runs super fast and makes hot tube nice!*
Ben: Good!
Chris: Time for the jugeing! *looks at the Bass*
Now thta's a hot tube! Now the Goffers!\
Owen: *Jumpes on it*
Goffers: Owen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cHRIS: oKAY IT LOOKS like the bajo win!!!!!!!!
Bass: *Chere*
Chris: so Goffers I'll see tu to night!

Chris: Noah! Looks like there is only One más marshmelow and it gose to.....
Chris: Heather!
Heather: Yay!
Chris: Owen, Go man!
Owen: Man!
Chris: Well, the reast of tu looks like tu two will be here for a nouther week! For now!
posted by JORDW
Keven: GWENNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Charmcaster: Yes this power is mine!!!!!!
Keven: No it's not! *Jump in front of gwen*
Gwen: *Fall's* Keven no!!!!!!!!
Keven: I have to do. I have to save you!
Charmcaster: Well this is still good!
Gwen: No one, takes Keven's powers!! *Plast a rosado, rosa rayo, ray out of her hands*
Charmcaster: *Fall's* No tu did not!
Gwen: Oh i did! Keven get the novevode projector.
Keven: Got it!
Gwen: Say buy buy Charcaster!
Charmcaster: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goffers: 38 botters of pop on the wall. 38 potters of pop. If one of of the bottles fall, 38 bottles of pop on the wall!...
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posted by JORDW
Chris: It's time for the t...... Ummmmmmmm,Girls. Stop!Mike? Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris: bahía atenchion!
Mike: Fine!
Chris: Good! If I call your name go stan over there! Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, Duncan, Ben, Courtney, Geoff, Ezekeol, Bridgette, Herold, Eva, Tylor, Issy, Sadie, and D.J. tu guys are the Bass! Ummmmm, the reast of tu are the Goffers!
Owen: Yeah! I'm a Goffer!
Sadie: But Katie's a Goffer I have to be a Goffer!
Courtney: Sadie is it? Come on come with me!

Keven: Where do we go next?
Gwen: Right!
Charmcaster: Stop!
Gwen: Charmcaster?
Charcaster: Where are tu 2 going?...
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posted by JORDW
Dark Star: tu will will never get away Ben!
SitterMounkey: Sure I will! But tu wont!
Dark Star: No I will.
SiterMonkey: Yeah, Yeah, tell it to my butt! *Poop webs* Haha!
*Pultole opens up and Ben and Dark estrella get suk in*
Both: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gwen: Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keven: Where's Ben?
Gwen: I don't know!
Keven: Let me track the Omietrix! Wow He's in Canda!
*Theam song*
Gwen: What Caanda? How? We're in Mexico! Even por Telapoltol he can't get that far.
Keven: Well he's there.
Gwen: That's stange! Wait, Where's Dark star!
Keven: I don't know!
Gwen: Look SpitereMonkey's Webs.
Keven: Sooooooooooooooo?...
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