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la elección de los fans: amor Soon
amor Soon
Back To tu
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la elección de los fans: i wish!!
i wish!!
of course!!
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OwenPinto dicho …
Does anyone know how to find out if Mayer is going to play at clubes that might not be as publicized (he recently played at a LA club) publicado hace más de un año
battle_studies dicho …
The song that got me interested in John mayer was "half of my heart" but my personal favorito! Is "split screen sadness" publicado hace más de un año
battle_studies dicho …
I'm 13 and most people my age are into one direction o lady gaga NOT ME! I'm obsessed with John mayer I know all of his lyrics I think about him constantly he's and idol, he's my hero I can't get enough of him! I have been playing guitarra for 6 years, because of him I haven't quit. he is such an inspiration and I amor him so much. I couldn't picture a world without this man, música wouldn't be the same as well. publicado hace más de un año