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jlhfan624 dicho …
Since I opened up a few months hace about my anxiety and being hospitalized for it, I want to give a kind of update.. I had been doing really good until the last week o so. I'm not sure what happened. I have been getting help since I left the hospital, but now it feels it's not enough. I'm feeling lonely again and don't have any energy o will to do anything. tu may have noticed I only come on here every 5 days o so...I just don't care. About anything. publicado hace 1 mes
jlhfan624 comentó…
I don't watch my favorito! shows and I don't even enjoy them when I do. I haven't read a book in months. I don't even play many games on my phone anymore which I used to be obsessed with. hace 1 mes
jlhfan624 comentó…
If I seem "off" o maybe short with you, please know it's not you. It is definitely me. hace 1 mes
makintosh comentó…
one día at a time 👣 don't be too hard on yourself! tu are doing amazing 💞 hace 1 mes
jlhfan624 dicho …
amor the new club look! Thanks to all who voted! publicado hace 1 mes
ktichenor comentó…
It's gorgeous! 🎅 hace 1 mes
big smile
jlhfan624 dicho …
January club look foros is now OPEN! Post your suggestions!
link publicado hace 2 meses