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la elección de los fans: Treat 🎃
la elección de los fans: ➸ giving {do things for others}
la elección de los fans: halloween Ice Cream 🎃
la elección de los fans: Michael Jackson - "Thriller" 🎃
Michael Jackson - &# 34; Thriller&# 34;...
rayo, rayo, rayo, ray Parker, Jr. -...
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jlhfan624 muro

jlhfan624 dicho …
I'm sorry to all who have so kindly updated my club when I wasn't around, and haven't been able to respond to your posts. I moved a few days hace and still don't have working wireless so....I feel like I'm living in the dark ages! lol I hope to get back soon. publicado hace 6 días
makintosh comentó…
no worries! know that we are always here if tu need us 💖 hace 5 días
yorkshire_rose comentó…
Aww no worries,hun.Hope all goes well for tu xoxo hace 3 días
GDragon612 comentó…
no problem Heather babe, how are tu ?missing tu here, come back if tu have más time we wait of tu here hace 2 días
GDragon612 comentó…
take care of tu unnie<3 hace 2 días
big smile
jlhfan624 dicho …
Wow! It's Halloween! I am totally going to party tonight. And por party, I mean have fun. And por have fun, I mean marathoning Saw in my pajamas with my two gatos and eating the bag of dulces intended for Trick o Treaters. publicado hace 19 días
ktichenor comentó…
Sounds like a plan! Hope tu have fun! hace 19 días
Karoii-chan dicho …
The new icon, in particular, is very cute. >__< publicado hace 1 mes