jensen ackles [2012] New Spot Look (OPEN)

twilightlover73 posted on Mar 15, 2012 at 08:49PM
I made a link asking if you guys want a new spot look and most of you said yes. Here you can submit your suggestions.

-Banners need to be 800x100 pixels. Any banners that are not that size will not fit when we upload it to the spot look.

-Icons need to be square. Preferably 200x200 pixels, but they can be larger (300x300, 400x400). Fanpop tends to distort 100x100 px icons when they're uploaded, but larger icons don't seem to be affected.

-You can submit icons, banners and mottos at the same time, but we're going to chose the banner first. When we get enough banners I will make a pick,then I will make the icon and motto picks.
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