When was the last time tu saw a man beat down your ex bf for calling tu a b**ch o making tu cry? When is the last time where tu saw a man o heard of a man take care of business while beating a man to the ground and still pick tu up in time in his rough manly motorcycle?

Ofcourse, we all like Jason Staham to be that way in the movies, but who is he really? Ladies, do we even care? Not really, Jason Statham with those looks can have any woman he wants including Ms. Whitney, Victorias Secret model and Megan zorro, fox replacement in transformers 3. Wow... can any women really compare o live up to that? I mean this model is not only on parte superior, arriba of her career in modeling but now replacing one of the biggest sex symbols in America (Megan Fox).

Who does Mr. Statham like? I wonder who he hits on at a bar?? ummmm in my experince men like him (hot men like him) don't need to do the work anymore. Why? because women through themselves at them. So here is the pregunta for women, how do tu land a guy like this without having to be a Victoria's Secret model o a famous "A" lista actress??? Hard to tell if it's love, lust, o fame people in the industry are after when it comes to a relationship.

My consejos is stay away from them becuase we are most bound to get hurt. Actors are so involved in there career that they can't o won't committ untill they can't get work. So I guess our only hope of being close to a Homem quente "hot man" like Jason Statham is to see him on the big screen, and boy does he look good in the big screen, the bigger the better;)

Without a doubt in my mind he is a Homem quente que eu quero fazer coisas loucas a! All I can say is come get me Mr. Jason Statham;)

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