Chapter 4
“What a day” dicho Rigsby! The others agreed. “I’m so glad Lisbon’s okay” dicho Vanpelt. The team was cleaning up their desks. Lisbon was seguro and being taken care of por doctors. She had taken quite the beating, but the doctors dicho she was a fighter and should be okay. The attacker had been shot and killed when the police encircled the building… and Red John, well, he was gone, no where insight. They must have scared him off when the police arrived at the building. It was a good thing they got there when they did. Who knows what he would have done to Lisbon.
    Jane was sitting on the roof of his hideout watching the sunset. He was angry… angry at himself for loving Lisbon. He felt he had put her in danger because he loved her and he knew that RJ just wanted to hurt him por taking away anything that Jane held dear. Jane decided he’d pull away, pull away from the team, from Lisbon… it would be hard, but it’s what he’d have to do.
    His thoughts were interrupted por a little knock. “Can I registrarse you” it was Lisbon. She looked good despite the rough día she had had… she only walked with a slight limp.
    “What are tu doing here? Shouldn’t tu be at the hospital” Jane asked.
    “Ah, I begged to be let out, told them I’d be a terrible patient and that I’d sleep better at home. So they let me go”. She walked over and sat down beside him.
    “You okay?” She asked and looked at with him with those large green eyes. He wanted so badly to tell her how much how he felt and how much he loved her. But he didn’t. He had to protect her.
    “I can’t do this….” He said. She looked confused. “I can’t be close to the team… to You… if I hadn’t cared for tu so much, tu wouldn’t have gotten hurt today. It’s all my fault”
    “No, Jane it wasn’t. Don’t even think that! I’m here and I’m alive and I have tu to thank for that.”
    “Lisbon, Teresa… I want tu to know that I amor You… yes, I amor you. I vowed to never amor again, but I can’t help loving you. But I put your live in danger when I do… that’s why I’m going to leave tu and the team… it’s for your own good”
    Lisbons eye’s filled with tears. “No Jane, don’t leave. If tu leave, then tu let RJ win. tu can’t live your life in fear! We will get him! You’re not alone in this!” She reached for his hand… “you have me”
    He squeezed her hand and smiled.
    “Please Jane… don’t go…”
    “I don’t want to put tu in danger… I…”
She stopped him from talking por putting her finger on his lips “
Shh… don’t tu remember I’m not afraid of anything?” She smiled.
He cupped her face in his hands, “Teresa… my Valiente little Teresa…” He leaned down to kissed her. She put her arms around his neck… and they both new this is where they belonged – in each other’s arms!

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