Chapter 3
Lisbon awoke in darkness… her hands and legs were tied with ropes. Her body ached… all she could remember was her attackers beating her up and then everything going black. She must have passed out she thought. It was cold and damp in the room. All she could think about was Jane… was he okay? Was he alive? Did they hurt him???
    She was startled por a noise… her attacker walked in. “Get up – I have someone who wants to meet you…” He picked her up like she was light as a feather and drug her into another room. He tied her to a chair and then left the room.
    It was a dimly light room, Lisbon couldn’t see anyone… but she felt like someone was watching her. Then out of the corner a shadow appeared, she couldn’t make out his face because he was wearing a mask.     
    “Hello Lisbon” it was a high-pitch voice… it sounded almost like a woman’s voice… soft and quite… calm. It was Red John. Lisbon gasped!
    “Thee Teresa Lisbon” he dicho touching her hair. “You’re pretty… but then again, Jane sure does know how to pick the pretty ones.” His creepy laugh filled the room. Lisbon tried her best to rememeber every detail of this masked person. ‘I need to be able to identify him when I get freed from here… IF I get out of here’ she thought.
    “It’s TIME!” called Red John. The attacker walked in when some knives and weapons. Lisbon’s corazón leaped with fear… no, this can’t be happening she thought!
    “What have tu done with Jane?” she asked.
    “Oh, don’t tu worry. He served his purpose. I’d never hurt him. I have too much fun playing cat and ratón with him! He’s a clever fellow…”
    “Much más clever and smarter… and better man than you’ll ever be!” Lisbon smarted back.
    “What!” hissed Red John. Lisbon was making him mad.
    “You heard me… you’re weak and pathetic. You’ll never get away with this. tu will be caught and brought to justice!” Lisbon said. With that remark Red John hit Lisbon knocking her out.
Jane, Cho, Rigsby, and a large police squad arrived at the warehouse. They encircled the building, gun fuego rang out and the police captured the attacker. Red John was nowhere to be found. Jane ran into the building… “Lisbon? Lisbon??”
    He came to one of the back rooms… the door was cracked. Jane’s corazón raced… it reminded him of his own wife’s room. “no…” he thought. He walked quietly up to the door and slowly pushed it open. He could hardly breathe. Inside a single lamp was light… it was dark and dirty. Then in the corner he say her… Lisbon. She was tied to a chair her head was slumped over. She was unconceious.
    “Teresa…” Jane ran over to her. He knelt down and lifted her head. He gasped…. There on her forehead was a red smiling face. Red John’s symbol! Jane froze. Suddenly Teresa’s eyes fluttered open.
    “Jane??” she whispered. “Jane is that you?”
    “I’m here…” he dicho cupping her face in his hands.
    “Oh, Jane…” she said.
    “Shh… it’s alright I’m here! Let’s get tu out of here” He helped untie her and helped her unto her feet. Lisbon took a step adelante, hacia adelante and tripped, but Jane just quickly picked her up in his arms and held her close. He fought back tears in his eyes… he realized how much he loved her. Lisbon felt the warmth of his chest against her face, and she drifted off to sleep.