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JJ's Reboot Kirk is Amazing

The Captains' favorito! Episodes - William Shatner

An alternate 'Amok Time' Trailer [Kirk/Spock]

Awesome Kirk Moments - Not with my ship, tu don't!

estrella Trek The Video Game Funny Trailer with William Shatner!

Captain Kirk deals with a strange alien culture - Parody

estrella Trek Enterprise.

The Final Frontier

Love's The Only Rule - Captain Kirk Tribute

[TOS] James T. Kirk // Starstrukk

All I Want For navidad Is tu (Kirk/Spock)



Kirk/Rand - Bad Romance

William Shatner - 2010 Las Vegas estrella Trek convention

Tik Tok

James T. Kirk and the Razzle Dazzle

James T. Kirk - Already Over

James T. Kirk - You're My No. 1

Portrait Of William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk

William Shatner Saved My Life

Kirk Tribute

The Kirk Tribute

Captain Kirk - Another Girl, Another Planet.

Captain Kirk - Circus

The Enemy Within

Kirk/Spock - "City on the edge of Forever" - "Rice Picker"

Kirk and Spock on the bus - ST IV: The Voyage inicial

Bill Shatner - I am Canadian!

Captain Kirk's Dance Video (LOL)

Kirk/Spock - How to Save a Life

Maneater (Captain Kirk)

estrella Trek - friends Will Be friends

The Trouble with Tribbles Part 2

The Trouble with Tribbles Part 1

estrella Trek The Captains' Summit - Remember

Pop Goes estrella Trek

KIRK meets KIRK - EXCLUSIVE: Historic Moment!

Kirk&Spock slash - SexyBack

estrella Trek Bringing the Sexy Back

Reasons We amor - Number 12


estrella Trek - Just a Gigolo

Aint No Other...James T. Kirk

estrella Trek: Tribute To Captain Kirk

Aint No Other...James T. Kirk