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 only one
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'only one' - a fondo de pantalla created por me featuring Diana Rigg as Teresa "Tracy" DiVicenzo (Mrs. James Bond) of the film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'
fondo de pantalla
diana rigg
teresa divicenzo
mrs james bond
james bond film
on her majesty's secret service
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This James Bond fondo de pantalla might contain retrato, tiro en la cabeza, primer, headshot, primer plano, en la cabeza, and closeup.

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"YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" (1967) Review

In reciente years, EON Production’s 1967 movie, "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE" has not been highly regarded por many Bond fans. In a way, I can understand why, judging por Sean Connery’s performance in his fifth consecutive turn as James Bond and the movie’s plot.

The plot begins with the abduction of an American el espacio capsule in el espacio por a mysterious craft. The U.S. government blames the Soviet government, but the British government, who has tracked the mysterious craft to Japan, where James Bond is sent to investigate. With the help of Tiger Tanaka and Japan’s...
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From Dr. No (1962) to Quantum Of Solace (2008)
daniel craig
quantum of solace
pierce brosnan
roger moore
james bond

When I had first publicado comentarios about the 2002 James Bond movie "DIE ANOTHER DAY" on message boards and forums, I found myself face to face with a surprise. Apparently, many fans found Halle Berry’s performance as NSA Agent Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson unsatisfactory. And after perusing más of the James Bond message boards, I also learned that Berry is regarded por many Bond fans as ”the worst Bond girl” in the franchise’s history.

After recovering from this shocker, I began to read some of the reasons why Berry is now so reviled por the Bond fandom. Quite...
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