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'Teresa' - an 'OHMSS' fondo de pantalla created por TheCountess with Diana Rigg starring as Teresa di Vicenzo / Tracy Bond *** más Diana Rigg fondo de pantalla at link
fondo de pantalla
diana rigg
teresa di vicenzo
tracy bond
on her majesty's secret service
james bond film
arte de los Fans
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This James Bond fondo de pantalla contains sombrero de ala, sombrero de fieltro, homburg, stetson, sombrero de paño, fedora, trilby, fedora sombrero de fieltro, and sombrero. There might also be de copa baja, sombrero de copa baja, porkpie, porkpie hat, sombrero, sombrero del sombrero, sombrero de vestido, sombrero de copa, tubo de la estufa, el sombrero de copa, primero, castor, vestido sombrero, sombrero alto, sombrero de ópera, sombrero de seda, stovepipe, topper, vestido de sombrero, guantada, sombrero, traje de negocios, and juego de negocio.

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más footage for Skyfall, Daniel Craig's 3rd outing as James Bond. In theaters October 26, 2012.
james bond
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Below is a review I had written of the 1981 James Bond movie, "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY":

"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" (1981) Review

If James Bond fans and critics had judged all of EON Productions’ 1981 movie, "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" solely on its pre-credit sequence, the movie probably would have barely made a dime at the box office. Worse, it would have been regarded as the worst movie in the entire Bond franchise. Thankfully, the rest of the movie proved to be far superior to its atrocious opening sequence.

"FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" marked the directorial debut of John Glen, previously an assistant director...
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“MOONRAKER” (1979) Review

Well, I just watched “MOONRAKER”. Today, it is considered to be one of the worst Bond cine of all times. It has been accused por fans and critics alike of taking the Bond franchise into a realm of tasteless excess and fantasy. I will not deny there are aspects of “MOONRAKER” that turned me off – including Bond’s final confrontation with the villain aboard the latter’s el espacio station. But after watching it . . . I cannot honestly lista “MOONRAKER” as one of my least favorito! Bond films, let alone as one of the worst. Trust me, I have seen a lot worst....
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