jake gyllenhaal What do tu like about Jake?

SarahDarko posted on Nov 12, 2009 at 09:52PM
Put down anything, don't hesitate.

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hace más de un año LuminousLibby said…
Lol lots I suppose. He is such an awsome actor. I can not wait to see him in other movies. I'm looking forward to Source Code especially.
hace más de un año Natalie88 said…
I like him (and respect) very much because he's down to earth, no signs of stardom.. he seems so easy to get along with and he's sooo funny! Jake's interviews are hilarious :)) I'm into guys who can make you laugh in any situation and he's just that kind of a man :) how can't one love his sincere smile? :) but above all this, the first thing I would mention is his talent! one of the most gifted actor of his generation!
P.S and damn it, he's extremely hot! :))))
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hace más de un año jakefan4ever said…
Well... Where should i start???
He's unbelievably hot <3
He's an AMAZING actor, and like Natalie88 writes: He seems like so down to earth, and he's very funny <3
I think everything about Jake is amazing <3
I would marry him, and i'm only 12 years old <3
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hace más de un año Mrs-Gyllenhaal said…
hmmmmm........i think that something about HIM that really excite me is his personality he is so funny,cute and adorable.i love his acting...he is talented actor and i think everything about him is very special to me....JAKE ROCKS!!!!!
hace más de un año dawntreaderca said…
Everything, but if you're talking physical,it is the eyes.
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hace más de un año jake_baby said…
jake is the most disgusting person narcissist nasty and around the planet. handsome has nothing