Jaime Lannister Jaime Lannister + character tropes, your favorite?

Pick one:
Arrogant Swordsman Guy
The Atoner
Badass Boast
Badass In Charge
Big Brother Instinct
Big Damn heroes
Bodyguard Betrayal
Brother-Sister Incest / Twincest / Villainous Incest
Byronic Hero
Conscience Makes tu Go Back
Deadpan Snarker
Fire-Forged friends
Handicapped Badass
Hero with Bad Publicity
Hollywood Atheist
Knight in Shining Armor
l Is for Dyslexia
Like an Old Married Couple
amor Makes tu Evil
Master Swordsman
Misery Builds Character
Mr. Fanservice
The Oathbreaker
Pragmatic Hero
Tragic Villain
 Saejima posted hace más de un año
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