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This jaden smith foto contains boina verde, fuerzas especiales, soldado de élite, soldado de élite de boina verde, and fuerzas especiales. There might also be fatigas, se fatiga, uniforme de fatiga, uniforme de campaña, vestido de batalla, and uniforme.

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Me (telica) Friend's (Cymphonique AKA Zoniqque Maddison Pettis China and Zendaya) Include MB OMG girlz Jaden smith willow smith diggy simmons and Jacob Laitmore
Jaden;hey Telica
Telica; hola Jaden wayden *baby voice*
Jaden *kisses her*
Telica *kisses Back*
Ray ray: UGH!!! get a room for the amor of TACOS!!!
Jaden*turns and looks at me* Lets finished what we started upstairs
Telica; sure lets go
he lead me to his room and had our private time
Beauty: what is that moaning noise
Star; probly them 2 lovy duby's in there
Baby doll *looks at estrella for 5 segundos and starts laughing*
JacobL: Maddy baby let's go...
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jaden smith
willow smith
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Source: waaw...he's awesome and damn gorgeous..can't wait to see his move..I've seen trailer and it is aaaa!
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