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Part 5 takes place from where Part 4 ended.

“Jake, I’m not leaving Edward”
“And I’m not asking tu to Bella” he dicho “Listen let’s just finish the movie” he continued.
“Ok, sounds good to me” she replied. They watched the movie but fell asleep, she woke up cuddled in between his arms, she didn’t want to get out of bed, his warmth felt so good to her. She checked the time it was 10 am, she heard a car pulling up on her driveway, she quickly jumped up waking Jacob, she creped to her window to see her father staring at Jake’s discolored colored Mustang.
“What happened”...
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Part 4 takes place from the end of part 3

Bella reached her house, she sat in the driveway for a little while before she walked in, Charlie didn’t get inicial yet, and she didn’t want to be alone in her house but she managed to get to her room. She plopped on her cama face first. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket; she thought it was Charlie so she didn’t check the caller I.D.
“Yes, dad I’m home” she dicho while her face was buried in her thick blankets.
“Dad?, I’m your dad now”
“Oh, I’m sorry Jake” she dicho as she sat up on her bed, wrapping her legs to her chest.
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The story Contiunes frome where Part 2 ended

“Not until tu tell me why we can’t” she dicho while she gripped his arm tightly.
“Because tu want to be one of them, I can’t be friends with a blood sucker Bella, I also don’t want to be your friend because tu allowed Edward to try to kill me” he dicho while pulling away from her.
“How did I allow him to try to kill you?”
“Bella a silver Volvo hit me, who else in forks would has a silver Volvo” he dicho while walking away from her, she began to walk behind him
“Jacob, I won’t let tu destroy our friendship.” She dicho trying...
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Jake looked at her but gave her a fake smile. “Maybe we should let these two talk” dicho Charlie as he helped Billy out to the waiting room.
“Jake, listen, I’m sorry bout last night”
“Why should tu be sorry, tu made your chose Bella”
“Jake, just because I’m with Edward doesn’t mean that I won’t be your friend.”
“You just don’t understand do you”
“Maybe I don’t but, I do understand that I don’t want to lose your friendship Jake”
Jake just laughed.
“Jake, Edward isn’t going anywhere, I amor him, and………………………Where engaged.”
Jake looked at...
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The story takes from the end of twilight new moon.

Bella got inicial from school, it wasn’t a good day, even thought she agreed to marry Edward, she still felt bad that Jacob was mad at her. She had tried calling him that night but all she got was his voicemail. She sat on the edge off her bed, she heard a light knock from her door way, she looked up to see Charlie. She notices that his expression wasn’t normal, he looked concerned.
“What is it dad?” she asked.
Charlie walks slowly to her and sits siguiente to her; he grabs her hand and takes a deep breath.
“Bella” he dicho while looking to...
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 A Jacob and Bella amor Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off, Bella was helping Jacob with his wounds and she was besar him in his sleep)
As my lips touched against his I felt the sparks again. I couldn't believe I was doing this again. It was such a relief to know that he didn't wake up although I did react por wrapping my arms around his neck. I was lost por the deep kiss. I think he was dreaming that I was besar him although he didn't know it was really happening. I slowly departed from his lips and sat down, my corazón racing. Why was I doing this? I was so used to having him around I just wasn't sure why I did that. I took...
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I took a deep breath and gazed at the stars above my head. Dotted aimelessly in the pool of ink. I started to think of Bella again. I can't get over the fact that shes dating a bloodsucker. I-- somehow deep, deep inside feel betrayed. o was it closer to the surface than I thought?
I shook the thought from my head, and rezoomed the picture in front of my eyes. The north estrella twinkled brighter than the others. Which brings me back to Bella. I just thought of how much she stood out. She was like an angel. A clumsy angel..
I laughed to myself.
I stood up, shaking césped, hierba off my back. I wanted to go...
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 A Jacob and Bella amor Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off we were at Bella's house with Bella and Jacob talking)
"What do tu mean us?" I asked.
"I mean I want to talk about how that bl-- I mean how HE made us not have a normal relationship," he explained.
"Well it's not about what we should be, Jacob. I amor him and tu can't do anything about it," I stated, firmly.
"That's because he never gave us a chance to be together," he dicho sadly.
"Well I'm sure we can still be friends," I stuttered.
"I don't think I can handle that Bella because, I can't belive I'm saying this but...," he trailed off.
"But what?" I demanded.
"I love...
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 A Jacob and Bella amor Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off at when Bella was getting ready to go to the cine with Angela, Ben, Jessica, Mike, and Jacob)
I parked on the far side of the theater with everyone waiting for me at the front of the theater.
"Hey everyone," I said.
"Hi," everybody dicho in unison.
"So which movie do tu all want to see?" Mike asked.
"How about Paranormal Activity?" suggested Jacob.
"Fine por me, Angela?" Ben implied.
"Sure I'm up for a scary movie, Jessica?" Angela said, excitedly.
"Well fine as long as we all stay in a group," she cautioned.
"Ok, and don't worry tu guys I'll pay for the popcorn," I...
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That night Jacob and his son came inicial late from training; Bella was up washing the dishes. She greeted them at the door, giving Jake a kiss and Little Jake a kiss on the cheek.
“Little Jake time for tu bath” Bella said.
“Oh come’ on mom” he replied
“Little Jake go take a shower” dicho Jake
Little Jake drags his feet to the bathroom, Bella sets the water to a good temperature, she then leaves and walks to the living room with Jake. He looked extremely handsome sitting watching T.V. she just had to steal a kiss from him. She sets siguiente to him and kisses him. Jake puts his arms around...
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The siguiente morning Bella woke up, she noticed Jacob sleeping, she caressed his face, “Jacob I want to live forever with you” she said. Jacob smiled.
“Really he asked” with his eyes still closed.
“Yes, I really do, how I can do that without becoming a wolf” she asked
Jake sat up and rubbed his face. “Um, well there is a drink that oldest and wisest makes, it’s nasty and a little painful”
“Should I drink it” asked Bella.
Jacob rubs his head. “I don’t know, that something tu have to figure out”
“Are tu ok, is something bothering you?” she asked.
“No, I’m fine”...
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Bella rolled her eyes, “Yea he told me to” she said.
“Bella, just because I can’t read your mind don’t mean I can’t read your reaction” Bella got nervous, “Its Obvious tu don’t like the fact he is dating” Edward continued.
“It’s not that I don’t like him dating” Bella lied, “I just don’t like her” she continued.
“Bella, tu don’t even know her to not like her” Edward replied.
Bella crossed her arms, “I don’t think she is the one for him…that’s all”
“So, tu gotta choose the one for him, he can choose himself Bella” Edward walks towards her,...
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Twilight: Unconditional Love
By: Valerie Martinez
My fan Fiction Story

    Jacob didn’t look back as he made his way back to the reserve. He was hurt and he didn’t want to see Bella ever again, at least that is what he told himself. Back in the woods Bella didn’t know to answer yes o no to Edward.
“Well, what do tu think?” asked Edward.
“I would say yes but I need más time to think about it Eddie” she responded.
“Think about what?”
Bella glanced back where she last saw Jake, “Nothing I just need time to think”
“Okay” Edward grabs her hand “Let’s...
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The kiss lasted only a minuto thanks to Alice who was standing behind Edward trying to force him to go with her."Lets go Edward tu have a call."Edward sighed and let me go."Why are tu blushing Bella."I looked at her."Ed and Carlisle where talking and I sorts walked out here in this,I`m not sure which he was más shoked por me in his house o me looking like this walking out of Edwards room."I smiled and pointed to the camisa, camiseta I was wearing.She smiled at me and grabed my hand.

"Do tu like to wear shorts and a top,a little dress,or just a parte superior, arriba to bed?"I blushed and I told her"I wear nothing but...
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I held Bella in my arms thats when she started to cry."Bella why are tu crying."I tilted her head up with my finger and kissed her lightly on the cheek right beside her lips.She looked at me and stood on her tippy toes and kissed me hard on the lips.I kissed her back but then thought how wrong this was,she was married,Jacob was probaly at their house waiting for her to come home.

"Where is...Jacob?"I didn`t want her to do something we would both regret.She looked into my eyes the same way she did the first time we kissed(right now they were red and puffy)and took out her cell phone and showed...
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Tell me if tu like this is my first articulo so tell me the truth.

My name is Isabella Marie cisne and two years hace I was faced with the worst desition of my life...I had to pick who I would marry. Edward the amor of my life who I had been with through some crazy things o my best friends that I loved and that loved me Jacob.He helped me through some rough times and helped me to be happy when I was in the worst pain.I know secrets about both of them I could never tell,and what was worse I loved both of them.When I finaly picked everyone was suprised because I pick Jacob Black,and two months...
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