Kellan’s POV

I put my favorito! t-shirt and my new jeans, I was going to meet Ash in a nightclub.
Ash was my girlfriend but I didn’t amor her! I was just tired of being alone! I amor Nikki, but she loves Taylor! That’s so obviously, I don’t know why they aren’t dating yet! She has a big smile for him! Is she blind? He’s so young! I like Tay but he isn’t the right man for Nikki! I think nobody is good enough for her, except me, of course!
My phone rang. It was Ash.
-Kellan you’re late! – I looked at the clock, I was half an hora late
- I got stuck in traffic!
-Hurry up!
-Ok! Bye!
Ashley is a nice girl! She’s too girly, but she’s one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met!
I went to the nightclub and Ashley was waiting for me in the front door!
-Did tu really get stuck in traffic?
-No! I slept!
-I should be really mad at you, but you’re so hot! – She kissed me and I kissed her back!
We were dancing when I saw Nikki and Kristen dancing together!
-Ashley why don’t we go a calmest place? – I didn’t want to see Nikki o talk to her because it hurts me deeply! – We can go to my place! – I looked at her with a naughty face – Let’s go?
-Of course - she looked at me with a naughty face
We went to my house. She kissed me deeply and took out my t-shirt, I kissed her back and squeezed her ass! She moaned with pleasure! We went up stairs and took all of my cloths out and she did the same! We had a great night together but I thought of Nikki all the time!

We woke up, had breakfast and Ashley went back to her house. I was alone at inicial doing nothing, I wanted to see Nikki so I called her.
-Hey Nikki, are tu doing something special?
-Well… no!
-Do tu wanna go to the movies?
-Well I don’t know… Ash is pretty jealous!
-I know! But she doesn’t need to know!
-Kellan it’s not a good idea, someone can see us. But why don’t tu come to my house and we watch a movie together?
-Perfect! I’m going!