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Courtney is the lucky girl this mes that won FOTM for this spot. I think we can all agree that she deserves this honour with the amazing icons/images she has added to this spot. On with the interview...

1. Jongrats! tu are the newest Jate FOTM! How do tu feel?
-Thank you! It feels amazing! I’m such a huge fan of Jate, and to be considered worthy of this honor por all the Jisters on this spot, it feels pretty great.

 Chuck bajo and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates.
Chuck bajo and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-My name is Courtney! I live in Alaska. I’m obsessed with Television. Chuck...
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 JONGRATS Irene <3
First off congratulations Irene, tu really deserve this <3 I had fun asking tu preguntas & seeing what your reply is.

1. Jongrats Irene! tu won Jate FOTM, how does it feel?(:
It feels great! I feel so happy that I won, I have never won FOTM in any club and the fact that I won it at the Jate spot makes it so special! Thanks to all who voted me!

2. Tell all the lovely Jaters a little something about yourself?
Well, what can I say? I am 17, I go to school, I amor my friends, música and books. And I want Jack in my life (don’t we all?).
 "I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"
"I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"...
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So after that finale, it was hard to resist escritura a fanfic, lol. This is set from the time that Kate left the island to the time of her death. It's my very first fanfic, so go easy on me, haha!

Kate held onto Claire's hand and carried on looking straight ahead. "Hey, are tu okay?" Claire's voice sounded innocent; she really was happy to be leaving. "I'm fine," she replied, looking up at her and giving a forced smile. Kate couldn't feel angry at Claire for being happy. She was going to be reunited with the one thing she loved the most in the world after all those years. But when will I get...
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I think everyone has their own reasons to ship Jack and Kate, and here are mine :)

8.) Verbal Copulation
Pretty much everything Jack and Kate say to each other defines why I amor them. Since Season 1 their love/hate conversations were the main reason I wanted them to end up together. From funny quotes:
"Being told not to come along. Now tu know what it feels like to be me."
"Does that mean I should wait 20 minutos and go anyway?"

To angst quotes:
"Goodbye, Jack."
"We have to go back, Kate!"

Jack and Kate are arguably the couple on lost with the best dialogue.

7.) They take care of each other...
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