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Source: made por me
posted by ZombieMeowth
Chapter One: Smeethood

Miz was sitting in the corner, her hat covered most of her antennas. Her eyes looked normal in the shadows.
"Mommy dicho it would be fun here... she was wrong." Miz thought to herself cradling her knees.
"You, little pitiful smeet." dicho a loud voice. "Who are you?"
Miz looked up, a small red-eyed smeet stood above her. "I-I'm Miz, and, tu are?" Miz dicho softly slightly lifting her hat to see.
"I AM ZIM!!!" The smeet screeched. Miz's eye twitched. She stood up, Zim had to look up to see her eyes. She held out her hand and smiled. "Nice to meet you." She said. Zim held...
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Chapter 2: Stupid Creeper

"So why are tu mad?" asked Zim a nonexistent eyebrow raised. I didn't notice his appearence until now, he was taller than me and I come up to the shoulder of the tallest without my antenna. Shoot! He maybe even taller than the tallest. I guess being a defect can allow one to grow. He is completely the same exept for a few minor things. Besides his new height, his features were a little bit más outlined and he was skinner. He wore his usual get-up, the only difference was how his rosado, rosa camisa, camiseta was red from the years of wearing it.

"Ugh! Because you're here!" I yelled.

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posted by zimsgirl101
(Zim, Dib, PM, Gaz, and Tak are tied up on stage in front of an audience. I am holding a microphone. gir is beside me. They all wake up. The audience claps)

Me: Oh good, your awake.

Zim: Where are we?!

Dib: Remember? That creepy girl's game show.

Me: I'm not creepy! Now, the fans sent in some dares. I will read them aloud.

(I clear my throat. I take out take out flash cards)

Me: I dare Zim and Dib to kiss!

Dib: What?!

Zim: Never!

Me: tu didn't let me finish. I dare them to kiss, and if they don't, they get sprayed with high pressure water guns.

Zim: Obey the cards Dib-Worm!

Dib: Even if we wanted to...
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I've always wondered what life was like for Zim before the series starte. Lets find out. Yes, I'm using OCs. Deal with it. Not based off The Trial flashbacks. My own ideas.

Smeet Zim sat in a cuna in the Irken nursery. toy lasers shot about. "Stupid laser!!!" He yelled, throwing it at the wall. Another smeet giggled.

"Hi, I'm Mew." She said. "Who are you?" "I am ZIM!!!!" She laughed. "What's that?" She asked, pointing at a different toy in his hand.

"Oh, I made this!!!!" Zim gloated to Mew. "Check this out!!!" He flicked the switch, and a giant laser spelled "ZIM" out in the air. Mew's aqua eyes sparkled in wonder.

Until it blew up. She laughed. "That was supposed to happen!!!" zim inisisted.

"Come on, Mew!!!" Another smeet urged. "OK, Tak!!!" She turned to Zim and waved bye.
Chapter 1, The New Girl

"Class, we have a new student. Her name is Jen." Ms. bíter, bitters dicho pointing to the girl standing in the door way. She had long frizzy dark brown hair, greyish blue eyes, and she was wearing glasses that looked a little too big for her. She was staring at her feet. "H-Hello.....n-nice to meet to all." She dicho shyly looking around the room. Dib was just staring at her with a stupid look on his face.
"Zim! mostrar Jen to her seat!" Ms bíter, bitters yelled at me. "Yeah sure whatever..." As I was getting up, Dib jumped up and ran to Jen saying "I-I'll mostrar her to her asiento Ms. Bitters!"...
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posted by CountTheDreams
I walked through the Great Hall, staring at the several specimens locked in the containers, straining to survive. The Resisty were trying to rehabilitate the lost species killed por the Irken empire, but were failing miserably. My own civilization was dying off, due to a reciente run in with them. It was a horrible war, but our people decided to registrarse the Resisty rather than to fight them off. Why did they do it so late, though? I ran into someone while I was deep in thought. I looked down.
"Oh, hi, Lard Nar."
"Soo, how's it going?" I dicho slowly, obviously sensing the awkwardness in...
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posted by rockstar3m5
 Human Oc's Fane (left), Tis (top), Kikiam (center), Chrissy (right).
Human Oc's Fane (left), Tis (top), Kikiam (center), Chrissy (right).

It all started when I heard the tallest were planning Impending Doom II. Since I played a somewhat important role in ID1 I knew it wouldn't be long before they asked for my help. It was just the end of my shift when Red called me over. I already knew what was coming when I saw that smirk creep across his face. The tallest knew about the whole situation in ID1, they also knew that having all that stress again might kill me. tu see I basically planned the entire ID1 strategy and all that hard work, the months of planing, flushed down the drain after he decided to mostrar up.

After Zim decided...
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posted by InvadaMiz
Miz layed in bed, staring up at the brightly shining stars, then she realized something.
"Were's the ceiling?"Miz asked herself.She shrugged and fell into a deep sleep.The siguiente morning, she woke up, pulled her boots and gloves on.She was going to take the invader test.She was at a target range, she aimed at the dummy, then shot.She hit it, the dummy blew up.
"Well that's new."Miz said.Next she was building her SIR unit, due to a shortage of them.The SIR got to it's feet, it saluted Miz.
"MAE, reporting for duty."The sir said, it's eyes glowing red.
"MAE?What does that mean?"Miz asked, a puzzled...
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posted by thisperson1212
A little Smeet fell down the delivery shoot and landed upside down in the download chair. It flopped from the chair to the floor. Two robot arms shot towards the child Irken with a Pak. It shot right into her back. “Welcome to life, little Smeet.” An electronic voice says. The Smeet stood up, very wobbly. It was gently lifted into the download chair. “Now,” Continued the electronic voice. “You shall be filled with all Irken knowledge!” Two plugs unleashed into its Pak. “The download is complete! Identify yourself.” “I am Invader Tenn.” Invader Tenn walked out bravely and...
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They were at training. Zim was in line in front of Mew, and the Tallest Red and Purple to be were in front of him.

"And then, I was like this, wazzam!!! And he was like "pew pew pew" But I over powered him and-" Zim was cut off.

"That's not what happened!!!" Purple exclaimed.

"Was to!"

"Was not!!!"

"Was TO!!!"

Mew and Red looked at eachother in distress. "Uh, yeah. tu two do that." Red told them as the line progressed to the test to get into Invader school.

"How did tu pass that?" Red asked. "Because of my AMAZING skills..." Zim pushed.

"You have amazing skills?" Purple asked astounded.

"Haha, very funny tu guys." Mew dicho sarcastically.
posted by invaderlily
On the first día of school, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect about these kids. They say “OMG!!! “Way too often. So, how would they act now? I don’t know. : (
The campana rang. I took my stuff and followed the stampede of junior high students.
I walked into the hallway. “Hey!” I heard someone behind me, it was Selena. “I amor your new backpack!” she dicho “did tu get the new video game?” I think Selena is a little weird. “Yeah, I got the new game… how was your summer?” I changed the subject. “It was great! I went to Oregon.” “Bye-Bye.” I dicho quickly to...
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posted by squeefan
week 2 (continued)

... when i woke up, it was still pitch black, but i knew i was awake. i felt something covering my eyes, a blindfold. after about 5 minutes, gabby ripped it off. my eyes were not itching, and neither was my head... SHE KNOWS IM AN ALIEN!!!!!!! i tried to escape, but i was tied to something.
(for the first time ever,im useing dialoge.)
huh. thats what she sounds like. an almost angelic voice.
"...NO?? no one says no t-"
just then she slaps me with the back side of her hand, which is más painful than the other side.
"what do tu plan on doing to me?!"
"i plan on killing you."
i smirked. her stabing me might be painful, but its my pak that keeps me alive.
" i supose this thing on your back is keeping tu alive?"
oh shi-

to be continued.
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posted by squeefan
it was just another horrible día at skool. dib hates me, i dont like skool food, blah blah blah... but i did notice a girl thats been in my class for... god knows how long.i sat siguiente to her at lunch and i scaned her with my... well... scanner. i had a small discription. name: gabby. yes. pathetic. i had to talk to her.

the siguiente day...

SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shes quiet and when she looks at tu its like she looks into your soul!!!SCARIER THAN GAZ PIG!!!YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!!! i was to scared to talk to her,so i looked from afar. she seems to have blood on her hands before she washes it off. ima gonna follow her.
posted by squeefan
weekend 2 (continued)

it seemed quite easy to try and find her. mostly because she was followed por a trail of blood. but after following her for a while, i saw something terrible.dib was crying over some one, and it turns out they were going to they're father's party for being a scientist, and every one was nicely dressed. anyway, as i was catching up to dib, i saw who was dead. GAZ! her throat was slit. i would expect gaz to win, but maybe she snuck up and... no, gaz was also brused, it had to be a fight. i felt awkward, so it patted dibs back and he looked at me. i dont think he thought it would be me, patting his back, but it was me. i left to find gabby.

week 3

i skiped skool to find gabby, so i could find her faster. i eventually did, and when she saw me, i knew she was gonna kill me. and to make it even BETTER, it started raining. she ran toward me, and then everything went black.

to be continued.
posted by squeefan
week 2(continued)

as fast as lightning,she spun around and just missed my stomach with her knife.when she noticed, she droped her cuchillo and spun kicked me in the stomach. it was very painful. i spit up blood, and as i looked up, she had gotten a jump rope and she then wraped it around my leg.she was about to pull when i heard sirens and soldiers from the mental instiution rush to us and grab gabby. she kept struggeling to get away. my computer looked at my wounds later that day.

weekend 2
as gir was watching tv, an emergency news clip came on.
"a girl escaped from the instiution and is very dangerous. if seen, contact immediatly." i then realized... it was gabby. she did dye her hair and cut it, but i reconized her face. that, and gir scanned it and dicho it was her. with out a doubt, she was covered in blood, and it looked like she was expeimented on.

to be continued.
posted by squeefan
weekend 1 (continued) okay, it was VERY bloody... so im not gonna tell tu what happend.(sry) i ran as fast as i could. i looked back a couple of times. no matter how far i ran, i still heard the blood curdeling screams. it almost made me cry, but im, uh, too ummm, awesome for that. any way, i just made it out of the woods when i bumped into dib worm. we both fell, but i got up right away and gabed his collar on his black jacket. i pulled him to the boys bathroom in the skool. (the principl left the doors unlocked. yay.) i told him every thing i saw, and he didn't beleive me. he also shoved...
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posted by squeefan
it was a horrible año at skool. sure, the humans were bad as always, was also the bloodiest year.
i noticed a girl that was not in my class before.she had long strait dark hair and the usual uniform.she is very strange. she is quiet, scary, and when she looks at tu she stares into your soul. i found out that her name is gabby, and that she seems to be covered in red stuff as she walks in. she washes it off, though. i later found out that the red stuff is blood. i now know what it is and what it does.i tried talking to her and she is VERY scary. scarier than gaz pig. and thats saying something.
i followed her after skool to see who she really is. she lives in the woods, and she lives in a tent. as i was be hind a bush, i saw two little brothers running around looking for a toy o something. well, they tresspassed, and let me tell you, youre not gonna like this.

to be continued
posted by guppi_sirus
name: sirus aka guppi
age: 15. in human yrs AND in verrann yrs.
personality: nice, strange, tough, bit of a weirdo (in a good way)
looks: (disguise) sandy blond wild hair that goes down to hips. tan skin. golden eyes. black ,one shoulder exposing, jumpsuit.
(natural state) light grey skin. light ocean blue headfin (that matches end of tail) that goes down to hips. my eyes have 2 pupils in them. they are both sparkly oro color. i have a looong anguila tail below my waist instead of legs. i have four arms. and webbed hands. my race does not wear clothes. but there is nuthing to hide. females grow scales...
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