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Scorch opened his eyes. He gasped and shot up in fright. Where was he!? He didn't recognize this place at all. He scented something- somebody- that he should remember. But it was stale. He also picked up a bunch of other stale scents. However, they were all strange to him. The only one that was even slightly familiar was a slight trace of Irken.

"Scorch!" a voice startled him, "You're awake at last!" Scorch spun around, ready to pregunta whoever the voice belonged to. He opened his jaws, but paused. 'I know this Lightopian!' he immediately thought.

"K-Kat..." the young Firio stuttered. "Still...
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OK, In case you're new o haven't been catching up on Invader Zero read this.


ZERO: An Irken who got his life ruined por Zim, he was sent to Earth as a mercenary hired to kill Zim and take over his "Mission".

Z-9: Zero's semi-loyal SIR unit. He can morph his hands into virtually anything. He is similar to gir in quite a few ways.

POOKY: friends with Zero since they were smeets. Of course he has a bit of an attitude, which makes their friendship a little complicated.

ZERA: A female Irken who is friends with Zero. She's usually the peace maker in arguments and fights.

DOOM: Pooky's SIR unit....
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 the irken symbol
the irken symbol
On planet IRK the almighty tallest were heading to an experimenting lab. when they arrived at the building, they got out of the massive and went to a huge door. and just as tallest red was about to input the code to open the door he paused then sighed. ''What's the code again?'' Red asked to purple. purple was so nervous about even going inside the terrible place, that he scarcely dicho a word the entire trip to the lab, so he came up to the door and inputted the code instead. as they stepped inside they saw a young female irken standing at the entryway. ''Ah, tu must be the tallest.'' the...
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