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Okay, so last time there was no winner, so Kidou has invited the other 7 (Gazel, Sakuma, Shadow, Burn, Fudou, Aphrodi, Genda and Gouenji) to a friendly ((me: pfft! yeah right xD)) game on the PS2 to see who wins once and for all.
*Ding Dong*

Kidou: Coming! *Opens door* Hi guys!

Burn: Dude..Your house is f***ing huge!

Kidou:....I guess...Anyway, come in. I'll take tu up stairs

Everyone: *Nods and follows Kidou to his room*

~In Kidou's room~

Fudou: Damn..That is one BIG tv!

Shadow: Yeah....Reminds me of that game Person 4, where people get sucked into a tv and...
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Two people are sitting on a sofá in front of a live audience,one of them says,"Hey I'm Nancy"and the other one says"And I'm Sid",then both of them say together,"And this is the 'Nancy and Sid Super Crazy Loser Show".The audience started cheering

Sid waves to the audience,"Thank You,I amor tu all".Nancy then tells everyone,"Hi,welcome Y'll,were're Kyle Jackson's nephew and niece".Her brother then says,"That's right Kyle Jackson,the host of Total Drama Island".His sister says,"OK,you see here's the deal,after every seven episode,our mostrar will come as an aftermath,where we will talk to the seven...
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posted by ShadowProve13

Nurse: Lets see....ah yes, here it is. Room 37.

Kazemaru: Thank you.

Gouenji: I still can't believe Endou did that stupid stunt...*Sighs*

Kidou: Yeah. Well on the brightside, he didn't brake any bones.

Hiroto: But still, our siguiente match is in 5 days from now.

Fubuki: Lets just hope he's out por then.

Everyone: Yeah.

~Room 37~

Endou: *In bandages* Oh hola guys!

Hiroto: How are feeling?

Endou: I've been better. But I can't get to sleep cause of that guy across the hall. He keeps on telling people to let him go and then the doctor says he can't cause the guy's got a broken leg..

Kazemaru: *Sweatdrops*...
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Kyle comes"Last time on TDI,the campers went to the most exciting,dangerous and painful marathon race of their lives.Two campers went to extreme pain,Ash and Georgia,but in the end Georgia got the first ever victory for the Cyber Fish".He drinks some soda"So what más pain will the campers go through,find out here on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND".

It is a very hot día on the island,in the Cyber pescado boy side,all the boys(expect for Mark)enjoy the cool air of the Air Condensation.Axel happy says"This is great we get to enjoy the cool air,winning is great",he lays back on his bed.Mark unhappily says"Yeah,winning...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner: Yo guys! We're back!! ^o^

IE cast: Ugggh!!!!!!

Sai: Oh shut it!!! tu should be used to it por now!!

IE cast: When can we leave?

Conner: As soon as we stop escritura this fanfic!

Sai: Which will be............NEVER!!

IE cast: UGGGH!!!!!!!!

Conner: Any way, on to the T & D's sent by...*drull roll* Aiden_Green.....*Growls*

Hiroto: What's wrong with Conner? -.-||

Sai: He & Aiden have some....'Bad blood' between them...

Tsunami- have a surfing competition against Fubuki.

Kogure- stop pranking people for at least a day.

Burn- Propose to...
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hola fans of Byron Love!Do tu want to know about the truth about him?OK,I'm escritura that up!

Aphrodite,the goddess of amor and beauty in Greek mythology,once committed a great sin.As she was guilty,God Zeus called her at his court on Mount Olympia.There,a conversation took place between them.
ZEUS:Aphrodite,you've committed a sin.Didn't tu know this was not good at all.
APHRODITE:Now I understand your majesty,and I am begging mercy to you.Please forgive me.
ZEUS:But tu deserve punishment!
APHRODITE:Your majesty,if tu want to say,what is my punishment?
ZEUS:You have to go to the Earth and live...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: Welcome back to IE T o D!

IE: Someone save us!

Conner: Good luck with that, cause the walls are sound proof!

IE cast: -Beeb-ing hell!

Sai: *Grabs skateboard* LANGUAGE!!!!!!

IE cast: *Shuts up*

Conner: Okay so our siguiente group of T & D's come from...*drum roll* samreen96.

Sai: Here are her T & D's!

1) for burn ...ask him 2 praise hiroto

2) for axel ...tell him 2 bcum a goalkeeper n stop shadow's dark tornado
(or anything else)

3) for kazemaru ..tell him 2 wear a vestido

Truths ..

1) for ichinose ...ask him what happened last tym in...
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posted by arham1234
 Gouenji Naomi
Gouenji Naomi
Name: Gouenji Naomi/Claire Blaze
Personaliy: Kind, Encouragable , smart ,lovingly, cheerful, and will do anything to play soccer.
Best Friends: Kiyama Hiroto and Midorikawa Ruyiji (both childhood friends)
Siblings: Brother: Gouenji Shuuya(elder) Sister: Gouenji Yuuka(younger)
Looks:Red long hair,and red eyes, and she dresses a red dress.
Hates: getting betrayed and aliens( and believes that al don’t even exist)
Loves: canto and making música with instruments, spending time with her siblings.
Does on free time: Plays soccer secretly when the Yokatos are not with her.
An allrounder
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Raimon's arriving at the train that heads towards Snowland Stadium, then they also meet the Hakuren team there. When they arrives at the stadium, the managers comentario that it's cold and the Raimon team is surprised at the soccer field because it's covered with ice all over place. Then the Raimon team decides to practice around the field before they start the match. Matsukaze notices that the floor is very slippery, and not only Hayami has a hard time in the icy floor but also Hamano. However, it's just like the whole Raimon team is all having hard time, though in the other side, it seems that...
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Previously,out of the bus and the Inazuma japón heading into the Hanyou Forest.....

Endou:Where in the world does this place come from?
Gouenji:Don't ask me.....ask someone that knows what kinda place is this...
Daisuke:U think we are going the right way,Fuyuka?
Tsunami:Thats great NOW WE'RE LOST!!
*Hitomiko gives Tsunami a BIG knuckle emparedado, sándwich de on Tsunami's head and that "pow" came out*
Hitomiko:Watch whatcha saying,Tsunami...
Endou:Hey Daisuke,is this forest haunted??
Daisuke:Then why is it called Hanyou Forest??Why ask that?
Endou:Cuz I'm scared of ghosts..
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Previously,when the Inazuma japón was searching for the answer for the Hitatsus and why does the element Lightning need a girl?

At the public library..

Endou:Well,do u have any libros of the Old Legend of Daisuke Itsukage?
Librarian:I'm sorry,I new here so I dunno this place well yet...
Daisuke:Then do u recognize me.....
Daisuke:No,no!I'm not Itsukage-sama,I'm Daisuke Uchikaze....But I'm related to Itsukage a bit...
Librarian:I think we've got a book like that.So u kid r Inazuma Japan?
Gouenji:Do we look like kids to u?
Kidou:Yep,Do we
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posted by Farhan_48
(Forward) Axel Blaze (Shūya Gōenji) is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. His sister, Yuka is in a coma because of Kageyama’s interference to stop him from play against Teikoku Academy. He keeps an amulet made por his sister, and makes a promise with her to stop playing soccer, but when he sees that his passion for the game is strong, he changes that promise to become the champion of the soccer Frontier. Later, Yuka wakes up from a coma, and he began to play soccer más freely with his teammates. Goenji joins up with the others to play against teams around the world. He becomes...
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lista of fanclubs related to Inazuma Eleven

Gouenji Shuuya fanclub:

Fubuki Shirou fanclub:

Tsunami Jousuke fanclub:

LAMEndou Ma-moron fanclub:

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Fidio Aldena fanclub:

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Brothers and Sisters fanclub

Tell me if I missed some...
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The manager of Inazuma Japan,Kudou Fuyuka,is standing beside a river.After sometimes,the captain of the English team Knights of Queen,Edgar Valtinas,
came to her.
He said,"Oh mine!Look who it is!It's Miss Fuyuka!Nice to see you."
"Oh!Not that person again!" Fuyuka thought.
But she said,"Nice to see tu too Mr.Valtinas."
Edgar said,"Look Fuyuka,the sky is clear and the weather is so fine.Wanna go for a walk?"
Suddenly the adelante, hacia adelante and defender of Inazuma Japan,Fubuki Shirou,came to the spot.
He said,"Hey Fuyuka!"
Fuyuka became very happy to see him,but Edgar was annoyed.
Fuyuka said,"Fubuki-kun,it's great to see you!"
Fubuki said,"I have to go to the market to buy some important things.Will tu come with me?"
Fuyuka dicho happily,"Of course Fubuki-kun!"
posted by brunin2
My favorito! Character is super eleven shiro Fubuki and so I will talk about his life.

Fubuki had a brother who was attacking atsuya rudi and he was impatient and he cares only to make gols.E while Fubuki Fubuki was quarterback and is quiet and shy and Fubuki thought I had a good team to have a good defense while atsuya thought had a good time to have a good offense, but his parents talked to the two together trabalhacem surely win.
A día after a game were leaving when an avalanche hit the car and threw out Fubuki Fubuki survived but atsuya and his parents died.Fubuki was then possessed por the personality of atsuyaquando catches the ball the technique is the eternal gale atsuya not the technique of Fubuki.

Thanks for reading, please write a comentario on who is your favorito! character?
After a while, Endou starts having his third nightmare. In his nightmare, Endou is on parte superior, arriba of tower in a black ninja suit.

“Oh man! I’m wearing this stupid ninja suit, ninjas are so lame”, Endou complained.

Naruto “Hey ninjas are not lame, they are cool”.

Endou turns around and sees naruto “Oh no! It’s an idiot in pajamas”.

“What? How dare tu insult my awesome ninja suit?” naruto shouted.

Naruto jumps into the air and hi-jump kicks Endou in face, knocking him of the tower, “HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiYAAAAAAAAAAAAA”.

Endou falling down to earth, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”!

Then and soon...
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posted by janel4298
The Pics:
1. Ready, Set, Action! Clear Weather! por Aki
2. I'll be back Someday!! por Touko
3. It was tough actuación like an alien por Reize
4. I amor Everyone! por Fubuki
5. Usshisshi por Kogure
6. Be Punctual por Desarm
7. Not Bad, Kidou-kun por Fudou
8. Not Gonna Lose por Rika
9. This is Such An Honor! por Tachimukai
10. Ride It Man! Ride It! por 273(Tsu_na_mi)
11. The Epitome of Chaos por Burn and Gazel
12. Good Work por Kira
13. Were Home! por Kazemaru
14. Welcome Back! por Kakuma
15. siguiente is the World! por Yuuka
16. It's Not Over Yet por Endou

Kurimatsu: I still can't believe it.
That Kanon came from the future......
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posted by brunin2
Satoru Endo, is the goalkeeper and captain of the school Raimon. Endo is the kind of person who has never desisitir style, and also thinks a lot about his friends. He has a great admiration for his grandfather Daisuske Endo was one of the greatest goalies in history. Mamoru techniques learned por the book that his grandfather leave only he can read and also to Fuyuki. Whenever your team is always discouraged the goalkeeper puts the animación to their maximum with the words''We will win, this was the first goal that we''or''We can not give personal.'' Endo did not know much about the death of...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner: We've got some dares!!

IE cast: DEAR GOD NOOO!!!!!

Sai: Awwwww c'mon, it's not that bad.

IE cast: Speak for yourself. tu two don't have to do the truths & dares!

Conner & Sai: That's cause we're the host!(≧▽≦)

IE cast: *Mumbles something*

Sai: *Dark arura surrounds me* Come again?

IE cast: *Scared shitless* NOTHING!!

Sai: *Calms down* Okay.

Conner: *Rolls eyes* Anyway on to the dares sent by...*drum roll* Blizz.
I dare:

Sakuma to bungie jump off the roof of the studio.

Gazel to dress in a maids lolita dress for the siguiente 2 capters....
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner & Sai: We're back!!!

IE cast: *Sacastically* Woohoo.....

Sai: Okay so we've got no truths o dares from anyone at the moment.

IE cast: YES!!!

Sai: So instead, Conner has some truths & dares for tu guys! ^_^

IE cast: We're doomed!

Conner: Mwahahahahahaha, this is so much fun. ^o^

IE cast: No, no it's not!

Conner: Anyway, on to my T & D's!
Alrighty then here are my T & D's


-I dare Ichinose to be locked in a room with Rika.

-I dare Aphrodi & Sain to sing 'God Knows' por that Haruhi chick.

-I dare Kabeyama to run around the...
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