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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: Okay someone sent me some truth & dares!

IE cast: NOOOOO!!

Conner: *Glares at them*

IE cast: We mean YAY!!

Sai: Much better. Also we've got a guest star! So say hello to Adrien o as he's called here on fanpop, Deathvoid!

Adrien: *Crashes through window*

Conner: You're paying for that!

Adrien: Sup guys! Dude seriously I have to pay for that?

Sai: Yep! 50 bucks!!

Adrien: *sighs* *Hands over money*

Conner: Now, lets start the truth & dares sent por Adrien!

IE cast: *Sarcastically* Yay....
Hey can i be a guest estrella plzzzzz!! Anyway here are my...
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posted by ShuuyaLover
Flame of Regal Still Burns

Sequel of Sayonara Flame Striker! Now in Australia, Goenji had to learn to adapt in a foreign country. The siguiente FFI is coming up, and he must fight his way to participate as the wild card team from Withingsby soccer Academy. His challenge; form a new team.

Chapter Summary : Introduction to Goenji Crews; Levin, Clifford, Thomas, Anita, Adam and Caroline. And a budding romance started to resurface.

Chapter 1 : Old Crush


The cold water running down from his wet hair made him feel fresh like he...
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posted by celia-chan
Shindou Takuto (神童拓人) is a main protagonist of the Inazuma Eleven GO series. He was a forward, in the past, and midfielder and also the captain for Raimon (GO). After he got hospitalized, he decided that Matsukaze Tenma should become captain for Raimon.
In the Chrono Stone series, he became a defensive midfielder for Raimon, Entaku no Kishi, El Dorado Team 02, also being captain for the team, and for Chrono Storm.

In the Galaxy series, he was chosen to be a defensive midfielder of Japan's team, Shinsei Inazuma Japan. After the truth was revealed behind the FFIV2, he became a midfielder...
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Kyle comes"Last time on Total Drama Island,we had learn lots of thing.No. 1 we learn that Ash is as fast as cheetah,we also learn that never to crush Ash o else Misty will crush tu and Nelly Raimon learn that the hard way.Lastly we learn that Mark Evans that so called nice guy is actually a Backstabbing traitor.How will he betray his team again,find here on Total Drama Island".

At the Camp-site the remaining campers are taking a nice sleep.In the Cyber pescado boys side of the cabina Mark is dreaming that he is torturing Nelly to death"Yeah take this,Muhahahaha".Axel dreams that he is destroying...
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posted by SvenPlaysBlaze
Sven and Anushka:WE ARE BACK
IE cast: oh good the Demons are back
*Sven pulls out the fuego sword again*:somebody dicho something
IE cast:NO
Anushka:ok guys lets go whit T&D
Ichinose:Tell aki to marry her and have a wedding
while Rika is Watching
Hiroto:say Anushka sorry and tell her that she is pretty
Toramaru:Be in the playa and surf whit Tigers
Endou:ask Rococo a fight for Natsumi
All boys exepct Sven:YOU LIKE all the girls and All girls admit tu like All boys
jack:how did tu get so fat
Genda sakuma fudou admit you...
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1. 40,000 views: Are there other Avatars other than “Holy Sword Lancelot” and “Instrumentalist Maestro”?
-Aviator Falcon
-Conjurer Purim
-Machine Soldier Galleus

2. 70,000 views: What are Kidou, Kazemaru, Fubuki, Kabeyama, Fudou and Fuyuka doing now?
Kidou-coach of Tekeiko
others-don't know

3. 90,000 views: What’s the Emperor pingüino, pingüino de series of hissatsu techniques going to be in Inazuma Eleven GO?
Emperor pingüino, pingüino de No. 7
A long shoot using the seven colores of the rainbow. Lasts a total of 7.8 seconds.

4. 140,000 views: Info on the member previously from Inazuma Japan, living in Kogarashi Manor!
It's Kogure Yuuya

5. 250,000 views: Endou Mamoru’s wife revealed!
It is revealed that Raimon Natsumi is the wife of Endou Mamoru.

And a new goal set for 350k, I don't know why but it's kinda funny but creepy.

6. 350,000 views: Gojou’s appearance in Inazuma Eleven GO!
-looks creep o scary
 Aviator halcón (upper left),Conjurer Purim(upper right) ,Machine Soldier Galleus(lower)
Aviator Falcon (upper left),Conjurer Purim(upper right) ,Machine Soldier Galleus(lower)
 Emperor pingüino, pingüino de
Emperor Penguin
 Kidou and Kazemaru(upper), Fubuki and Kabeyama(middle), Fudou and Fuyuka(lower)
Kidou and Kazemaru(upper), Fubuki and Kabeyama(middle), Fudou and Fuyuka(lower)
 Kogure(upper), Endou Natsumi(middle), Gojou(lower)
Kogure(upper), Endou Natsumi(middle), Gojou(lower)
After six year

Yui, “ Hiroto, why don’t u guys came yesterday to play soccer. I and Sven was waiting for two hours.”
Hiroto, “ sorry. Yui , we were busy.”
Yui, “u guys are avoiding me.”
Hiroto, “ no, we are not. We had some work to do, so………”
Yui, “u can tell me. I am ur trusted friend, Aren’t I ?
Hiroto, “ yes u are . but………”
Yui, “have u find a girlfriend?”
Hiroto, “wha……what? Noooo. why I will find a girlfriend?”
Yui, “I think that’s why u don’t have time for me.”
Hiroto, “no, I don’t have any girlfriend.”
Yui, “soooo, do u like any...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai & Conner: Hayooo! We've got some más T & D's!!

IE cast: Great, más torture.

Conner: Don't be like that.

Burn: *Points at Haruna* Your brother is CRAZY!!! *Runs*

Sai: Wow.....Kidou's still chasing them?!

Kidou: *Stops infront of Sai* Yes. And until I find out with one of them is the one who estola my little sister's heart, I shall not stop chasing them! Now then, where did Sakuma & Shadow go?! *Runs*

Sakuma & Shadow: *Hiding behind Kabeyama*

Conner: Okayyyyyy, on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* Kiyama-Luna.
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posted by mini17
Yuuto Kidou (鬼道有人)
He wears goggles and a red cape. Originally from Teikoku. The reason why he plays for Teikoku is for his sister, Haruna Otonashi. He was forced to win 3 constructive soccer championships in order to be with her again, so he decided not to contact her for 6 years, leading Otonashi to believe she gets in his way. After seeing Kageyama's wrongdoings, he and the rest of Teikoku quit. Eventually, Kidou joins Endo's team, changing his cape to blue but changes it back to red in the FFI arc.

His hissatsu are:
[Season one] Twin Boost (with Sakuma o Ichinose), Illusion Ball,...
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posted by SvenPlaysBlaze
Sven:Welcome IE cast We are going to play a game *Evil Smile:
Axel:F***** no *Dose fuego Torando*
Sven:heheheh *Dose God hand Green Version*
IE cast:o.o How
Sven:Long story if tu dont do Truth and dare tu will *evil Smile* USES Giant fuego Sword
Sven:just Truth and Dare's
Sven:untill part 155
IE Cast:ok
Jude/Kidou how Did tu and Samford met ?
Nelly/Natsumi who do tu like ?
Endou/Mark who will tu pick a wife hope o dark Games from IE go and if thoses tu say tu WILL...
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posted by SvenPlaysBlaze
*At Alies Acadamy*
Burn and Gazele:So this New Guy Sven is a noob right ?
Hiroto:yeah but he has Talent Well i will be leaveing now
*Hroto Leaves and Sven Came inside*
Burn and Gazele:WHAT NO WE ARE NOT
Sven:OH REALY Anyways i came here to Grab the Notebook i where i found all the Moves to my Players
Burn and Gazele:YEAH RIGHT
Burn:my God he is anyoynig

------------------THATS ALL------------------------------
Sven:Thats all Peps
posted by celia-chan
Jude Sharp, also known as Yuuto Kidou, is the former captain of the Royal Academy soccer team and one of the forwards of the Royal Academy, though it is often termed 'midfielder'. He is mostly the strategist of the team. He has been nicknamed por many "the Expert Play-maker".
At first, Jude was shady, quiet and secretive.Later,After joining with Mark and the others he became friendly. His sense of soccer is stronger than any other players
Jude was a very genious boy.He has a sister named Celia Hills.Theylost their parents when they were younger. Jude used to stay with Raydark who was a evil soccer...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: We got some truths & dares~

IE cast: *Looks up at the sky* tu hate us don't tu God!?

Sai: The only god that I believe in is Lord Jashin-sama! ^o^

IE cast:..........!!

Hiroto: Where's Conner?

Sai: He's sick.

Fudou: Crap!!! That means we're gonna be left alone with you?!?!?!!?

Sai: Not really. My 19 yr old cousin Cj will be his replacement!

Cj: Why the *beeb* am I here!? I don't know anything about this frickin' show!!

Sai: Don't worry my dear cousin, you'll get the hang of it. Now why don't tu tell everyone the person that sent the T & D's?

Cj: O-Okay. *Grabs notes* Ummm this batch of...
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Part5- the hissatsu waza

Days passed and satsuki was getting better at her soccer skills. Everyday she would work with fubuki and atsuya  with dribbling, passing, defending, and shooting. After a while, satsuki even started running as fast as the twins. Each day, satsuki felt the link between her and soccer tighten into a stronger bond. Finally the time came when fubuki and atsuya thought it was time to see if satsuki could play on a real.
Fubuki: "do tu feel ready to play in front of other people?"
Atsuya: "yeah! If tu are we could probably make tu on our team."
Satsuki thought for a moment....
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Okay im escritura this for the fun of it. Oh and im making Gazel a girl in this. Why? cause i can :P
~On Inazuma Caravan~

Kazemaru: hola Endou?

Endou: Yeah what is it?

Kazemaru: I understand why tu invited Genda with us on the camping trip....But..why invite them? *Turns head to Aphrodi, Gazel and Burn*

Endou: Well, I was just going to invite Aphrodi. But he asked if he could them two along with him, saying that it was a perfect chance to spend más "bonding time" with the two...

Kazemaru: *Sweatdrops*.."Bonding...time"......
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This is a story about kaminari satsuki, a girl as sweet as sugar and put others before herself, but the one main thing she concentrated on in life was soccer. Now satsuki hadn't liked soccer until the age of five where she met two very special people that turned her life around.

The past

On the first día of her arrival in Hokkaido to visit her mom, lightning satsuki, a young girl about the age of five, went for a walk in the forest near her mothers house. Why, tu may ask, was a five año old walking in a forest all por herself? Well, as sweet and kind as satsuki was she was very sneaky....
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posted by mini17
Shuuya Gouenji (豪炎寺 修也)
He is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. His sister, Yuka is in a coma because of Kageyama's interference to stop him from play against Teikoku Academy. He keeps an amulet made por his sister, and make a promise with her about stop playing soccer, but when he realizes his passion for the game, he changes that promise to become the champion of the Football Frontier.

His hissatsu techniques:
[Season one] fuego Tornado, Inazuma Drop (with Kabeyama), Inazuma One (with Endou),Flame Weather Vane (with Kazemaru), Inazuma One Drop (with Endou and kabeyama),...
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posted by shirela28
Hello! readers,
Well romance romance .... Some say Jude married Haruna and Blah Blah..
Now let me tell tu the Truth ...
*Wrong couples -
Haruna x Jude
Natsumi x Axel
Haruna x Axel
Camelia x Axel
Camelia x Endou
Aki x Endou
Rika x Eric
Well there is a long lista i guess according to the believes of people..
Jude x Haruna ? never !
So tu guyz now listen Jude and Haruna and brother and sisters !! Their parents had died in a plane crash when they were 6 and 7<haruna -6 and Jude -7>. So they were adopted por different families ..So now it is Haruna otashi And Jude sharp . So officially Haruna and...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner: We've got some T & D's!

IE cast: Oh joy...


Conner: Errrr, Sai?


Touko: Is she alright?

Conner: *Sighs* She's thinking of ways of how to kill her cousins, Skye & Cj.

IE cast: *Freaked out* W-Why?

Conner: It's a long story. Anyway on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* Kiyama-Luna.
I dare ...

Burn to wear a rosado, rosa dress

Gazel to kiss Burn (while Burn is wearing the dress)

Aphrodi to throw the person that made him belive his is a god into the tiburón tank

Tsunami to watch other poeple surfing while he can´t go surfing...
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hola guys!
I have personally translated the lyrics to Shinjidai Tsukuriiyo and from Japanese to English and have put them on the Inazuma Eleven FANDOM Wikia. I'm going to leave them here, too.

Tsugi kara tsugi ni
From the siguiente to the next

Sekai wa kawatteku
The world is changing

Daremo mitakotonai shin-wazaga
There's a new technique that nobody's seen before

Mata doko kade umareteru!
Yet where is it being born?

Semai shikai-ja hiroi sekai...
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