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IllusionDolls muro

jigsawwolf dicho …
Wow...it seems like I missed lots of things... publicado hace más de un año
IllusionDolls comentó…
It's been so long since we've last spoken, too! We need to do some catching up, don't we? x3 hace más de un año
ravissa dicho …
Heyz! U should have told me u had a club! I would have joined sooner! (just saw the C.C icono in ur club list, so I was all like :"omg, there's a C.C club and I didn't registrarse it (which is true, btw), so I pressed it and now I'm like : oooh...so she has a club, aye?

Nice banner and C.C icon! Lovin' it! publicado hace más de un año
IllusionDolls comentó…
Haha, thanks! Welcome to the club! ^^ hace más de un año
ravissa comentó…
lol, no problemo, I amor ur club and especially the encuestas hace más de un año
IllusionDolls dicho …
I should probably take a break from Fanpop. I spend más time on the computer than I do sleeping at night, and it's clearly been effecting me negatively both mentally and physically. I probably won't be able to keep to this, but, just in case, I'll leave this here. publicado hace más de un año
IllusionDolls comentó…
I'll probably just try for a 30 minutes-a-day for now, my sister assuring that I keep to this. hace más de un año
ghinwa comentó…
ah all right. that's an awesome solution there :D hace más de un año