ian somerhalder y nina dobrev a quote from Nina Dobrev that..

68beats posted on Mar 04, 2011 at 11:51AM
Since I'm from Bulgaria myself I'm always reading Bulgarian newspapers and magazines. I saw this quote from Nina and literally gasped.
Thanks goodness that I didn't have to translate it because I just found it on the net.
So, what do you think.. obvious much?


"If I had the time, I would want a combination between a gentle man who will always listen to me and protect me, but who will also be spontaneous and break the rules," Dobrev said.

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hace más de un año LavenderLou said…
Oh my gosh, my tummy did that fangirl flip! LOL ;D How obvious indeed!!!!
hace más de un año ET4ever said…
OH def thats def Damon. Haha my tummy does that sometimes. :)