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fanart starting from Lyrics of song "Bliss" por Vanessa Paradis
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I'm trying to win tu back playing not so much fairly perhaps :p Two chaps in a row is always a win

It wasn’t the dead-night anymore.
But not even daytime yet, as a matter of fact, even if a gleaming blanket was hovering in the air now. It drifted through the dust, gilding it, making it glisten brightly.
Everything looked like having a glow. Even the plastic fake-plants in the hall. Even the navy blue carpet on the ground. Even the long empty corridors ahead of him.
It would have been one of his favorito! hours of the día - dawn breaking.
If only those damn above-mentioned last one would stop...
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"In love. I´m in amor with him."

That´s what Lisa thiks every moorning before go to work. She have breaksfast and sometimes she cries, bacause she will never be avaliable for loving him.
She look herself in the mirror and thinks:
"Poor woman, she can´t amor him."

She, finally, go to the House md set. She fell terrible. The lights, the crew, the make-up. She say hi to Robert, and he tells her:
"You´re late. David is waiting tu for shot the new episode. Hurry up!"

She knows she is late and she knows the reason for it. She doesn´t want to see him because it´s too painfull.

Anyway, she gets...
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Space Communication

Your use of el espacio to communicate—an area of study known technically as proxemics—speaks as surely and as loudly as words and sentences. Speakers who stand close to their listener, with their hands on the listener’s shoulders and their eyes focused directly on those of the listener, communicate something very different from speakers who stand in a corner with arms folded and eyes downcast.

Spatial Distances
Edward Hall (1959, 1963, 1976) distinguishes four proxemic distances: types of spatial distances that define the types of relationships between people and the types...
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I am SO SO SO Sorry I couldn't update sooner, but it was Xmas, and my mum had a B-day so I was busy :P
I hope you're still interested in the fic :)
Love tu all
Hope tu had a wonderful Xmas :)
Oh, and I'm glad tu liked my Huli videos XDDDDD
Here's another Xmas present for tu :)

Chapter 19 : Coward

Two months later

“Hugh, what are tu doing here? tu have a scene to shoot, tu know that, right?” Greg found Hugh in his trailer.
“I'm hiding” he whispered earning a laugh from Greg. When Hugh's face remained serious, Greg realized “Oh, you're not joking”
Hugh shook his head. He wasn't joking....
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tu thought it would be plane smex XDD maybe I’ll make it up to tu later XDD So I’m glad you’re liking this fic because I’m really enjoying escritura it!

Reviews are love!

There was some strong turbulence during the descending due to a snow storm. Lisa had been tightening her grip around Hugh’s hand. Then the plane arrived to Newark International Airport. The captain turned off the asiento cinturón, correa sign and Hugh and Lisa had already gathered their stuff. They walked of the plane as if nothing ever
happened. As if they holding hands was the most normal thing to do.

After they passed through...
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Giammario woke up early than usually. He was the one who prepared their breakfast and planned to serve Lisa to make it up to her. She entered the dinning room and smiled when she saw him washing the pans he used for cooking. She stood por the cocina counter as Gi turned to looked at her while doing the chore.
Lisa: Since when tu did tu learn to wash the dishes?
Gi: Since the día I live alone. --- Don’t worry, I’ve been washing dishes and doing the laundry myself for six months so this isn’t new… <placed the washed pans in the shelf and dried his hands while facing her>
Lisa: How...
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